As almost every human resources personnel will tell you, onboarding new staff is not the most graceful process – sometimes not even for the new hire! With so many boxes to check from the HR department to the hiring manager and even to marketing, it’s stressful trying to ensure that both the new team member and the organization have the proper paperwork and tools for success from day one.

Our own Leanne Eastman, human resources manager at ImageSoft, Inc., knows this hassle all too well. Starting at ImageSoft over 10 years ago, Leanne remembers when the holy grail for onboarding was just a piece of paper and a chicken-scratched step-by-step process. But there’s a reason she can speak with ease and confidence about our onboarding practice today, and it’s called OnBase.

Leaning In with Leanne: OnBase for OnBoarding


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A Closer Look at the Bigger Picture

As you heard, equipping HR personnel like Leanne with an integrative and intuitive tool like OnBase translates into an enjoyable onboarding experience for everyone involved. With their payroll setup, business cards printed, and an agenda of to-do’s ready before day one, new team members feel confident in the organization they’ve joined and empowered to hit the ground running from the moment they arrive.

The OnBase Functionality That Supports OnBoarding

Accountability by Automation

With a signed offer letter in their hands, HR can deploy onboarding responsibilities out to the necessary parties. With the click of a button, OnBase generates and sends checklists according to the new hire’s role, department and needs. The hiring manager, IT, marketing, and other internal training teams will receive their necessary marching orders and due dates, and can start on their tasks well before the new staff member’s first day. With automated to-do’s, HR personnel never has to worry that someone wasn’t contacted about their onboarding tasks and can keep up with each team member’s progress without continuous follow-ups. This keeps the organization’s preferred onboarding practice consistent and efficient throughout all its growth!

One Hub. All Your Information.

As anyone with a desk, file cabinet or car keys knows, digging for physical copies isn’t efficient, and can lead to critical details getting lost or forgotten. OnBase expands HR’s visibility into the onboarding process by centralizing and warehousing all necessary information in one, digitalized location. As team members from various departments work on their assigned onboarding tasks, they can enter and access the information that is relevant to them with just a few clicks. Aside from keeping everyone on pace with their responsibilities, this functionality also allows HR personnel to see how the onboarding process is progressing, identify and fix bottlenecks, and follow-up where need be.

Integrative and Confidential

Teamwork really does make the onboarding dream work, which is why OnBase was designed with integration in mind. Able to integrate with your organization’s payroll, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and other key systems, OnBase ensures everyone maximizes their time and effort even amidst the onboarding process.

And while this all sounds ideal from a workflow perspective, we know it sounds more like every HR person’s nightmare: breached confidentiality. But take a deep breath, because it’s actually the opposite. OnBase safeguards all its data and records by granting access only to parties with permissions. Because every OnBase user has their own view, he or she sees only what’s relevant and necessary to their role. And, just as our jobs change over time, so can permissions. Users can be granted or denied access to information at any time, even for isolated incidents like conflicts of interest.

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