We’ve been chatting a lot about how to keep your human resources department on track with OnBase. There was that one time we had a coffee chat over recruiting with Christy and Crystal, and just last week we leaned in with Leanne about the onboarding process. So far, your seamless transition from recruitment to onboarding has your talented new hire in the office and on-the-go from day one.

So what’s next on your HR personnel’s docket? Managing your growing team members’ files, of course.

But before we get into nitty-gritty functionality, let’s circle back with Leanne, human resources manager at ImageSoft, for her experiences using OnBase for file management.

Leaning in with Leanne: Employee File Management


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Just as Journey drums up all the right compositions for Leanne, OnBase’s versatile functionality is music to the ears for HR personnel! Take a skim through OnBase’s most talked-about features.

Instantaneous Document Retrieval

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – in years past, this was the interior design of almost every HR office. And their daily routine? Searching through and for paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

But with all documents and employee files stored digitally in one centralized hub, and having that hub (AKA, OnBase) integrate with every organization’s human resources information system (HRIS), HR personnel can quickly key a search and pull files almost instantly, all without leaving their familiar interface. Doing so fizzles training time for new software down to a minimum, and allows HR to spend more time on higher-value endeavors, like employee retention.

Visibility and Compliance

With real-time reporting updates and a bird’s eye view of missing documentation, OnBase makes it easy for HR personnel to identify missing documents, and/or identify and quickly resolve other compliance issues.

And when auditors come knocking (and you know they will), you will already be prepared. Rather than scrambling to make copies upon copies for the auditor, simply grant them temporary access to OnBase and allow them to self-serve all the information they need. Or if you don’t want auditors lurking in your OnBase system, you can easily export any of the relevant documents to ShareBase, a secure enterprise file sharing tool that tracks all access and interactions.


With OnBase, HR personnel control where documents are stored and who has access to that information. For example, staff can be granted access to view only their I-9 and other personal documents. And with a full audit trail of every document’s activity, staff members are always held accountable and information breaches are no longer a “thing.”

Not to mention that strengthening the integrity of your file security measures with a secure enterprise content management system (ECM) like OnBase speaks to how much your organization values its staff’s safety and establishes trust from the get-go.

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