Leave it to ImageSoft to break the stereotype. Well, kind of.

When You Have Too Much To Say

This is where it all started. If you know anything about us, you know that once we start chatting about paperless anything, it’s difficult for us to stop. Similar to those cassette tapes we keep trying to discourage, it’s too easy to wind us up and listen to us go.

That’s why we started #ThePaperlessPodcast, but that’s a different story for another blog. Stay tuned!


Here’s the Down Low on What You Need to Know

As you know, ImageSoft generally serves three, very news-worthy industries: courts, government and insurance. Try squeezing industry news for all three of those communities on one LinkedIn platform – oh wait, we already did. And it wasn’t remotely close to our efficiency standards, so we had to pivot.

And for all of you thinking about Ross and his couch thanks to the mention of “pivot,” the answer is no – we’re not above shameless Friends plugs, like the one that introduced our new government showcase page last week.


Deciding to practice what we preach and jump into the modern way of reaching the right people with the right information, three ImageSoft showcase pages have been born.

Show Me the Case for these Pages (see what we did there?)

Government: If you spend your days serving human resources needs, the lines at the secretary of state, or helping people achieve affordable housing, this page is for you. We’ll regularly post videos, blogs, articles, case studies, and more on the latest in government-focused trends. Give it a follow and find all the latest-and-greatest in news-you-need-to-know right on your LinkedIn newsfeed!

Courts: For all the judges, clerks, prosecutors, and court admins trying to emancipate from paper, our court solutions page is where you want to land for all things eFiling, eBench, OnBase, paperless prosecution, improved access for self-represented litigants, and everything else you need to succeed as a paperless court.

Insurance: Because premium isn’t just a policy – it’s a way of doing business. Our insurance-specific page showcases the digital transformations that are supporting insurance agencies and underwriters with reduced operational costs and faster, more efficient processes. Also known as OnBase.

ImageSoft, Inc.: To the more than 2,200 LinkedIn users currently following our home page – thank you for liking, sharing and commenting on our punny posts. Despite working with computers, the ImageSoft team is made up of real people, and we like showing them off. So our home-base will now be a 24×7 feature of our dry humor and everything #ImageSoftLife related. You’re welcome.

Where To Go From Here

If you’re not already following the ImageSoft showcase page that best fits your industry’s needs, go do that first. Then maybe check in with us on Twitter or Facebook, join in on a conversation, or tell us what you’d like to see more of.

Speaking of conversation…

We Want to Hear From You!

It’s true! As much as we like to talk, we’re also great listeners.

Social media seems to be the new norm for consuming news relating to almost everything, and that’s mostly because it’s easier now than ever before. You can be signed up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, and you’re still just scratching the surface.

So, we want to know: which social platform(s) do you regularly skim to stay current with your industry’s trends?

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