The Government is a very complex sector comprised of dozens of departments. Together, these departments provide the public with what they need to live in their state. Each of these departments specializes in one or more areas of public service. Recently, the Department of Revenue (DOR) has become a popular topic of discussion as various changes are made involving financials.  

The Department of Revenue performs multiple functions including handling licensing, collecting taxes, providing titles and tags for vehicles, enforcing certain regulations and laws, and more. The public is exposed to the work of the DOR regularly, though many may not realize exactly what falls under this jurisdiction.  

Currently, the world is facing a shortage of gasoline, causing price hikes at the pump. While these figures are based on supply and demand, DORs across the country are working to do what they can to lower prices. Many states are discussing lowering or suspending the gas tax imposed by the Department of Revenue. Gas taxes are used to help build a repair things like highways and bridges, so they are clearly very important. However, with gas prices surpassing $5.00 per gallon, many states are weighing the pros and cons of lessening the tax to lower the overall price. Gas prices have been breaking records day after day, and many people are hoping the Department of Revenue can step in and help.  

In response to the problems at the pump, some states have changed the gas taxes for the time being. However, others are not able to, so the Department of Revenue has gotten more creative; rather than lower the price of gas, they are attempting to lower the prices paid for other items. Departments of Revenue in several states have recently announced new sales tax holidays in which the tax paid is decreased or eliminated. Generally, these “holidays” center around a particular “genre” or items such as baby supplies, preparedness/survival equipment, etc. On the assigned days, the sales tax for the items is lower or removed to encourage people to buy the things they need by offering them a way to save. This was an innovative way to help the public when other options were not feasible.  

An innovative department deserves innovative digital solutions. With the world quickly becoming a digital hub, it’s time for legacy systems to take a back seat to new Government technology. One of the most effective tools for Government departments is Enterprise Content Management. OnBase by Hyland Software is affordable, agile, and secure so that departments can use it confidently to assist with tedious tasks. Some of the most useful features include: 

      • Capturing and extracting data for online storage 

      • Routing correspondence, forms, and applications to case workers based on form type, content, and workload 

      • Automatically identifying document deficiencies and generating correspondence  

      • Leveraging online portals for permission-based access to sensitive information 

      • Reporting on key metrics in real-time to a digital dashboard 

      • Integrating with existing business applications to create a seamless digital suite of solutions 

The Department of Revenue has found that implementing OnBase can save them countless hours of tedious work, and ensures a higher quality for all processes. When it comes to handling finances, accuracy is key in maintaining public trust and favor. The Department of Revenue also regularly deals with massive amounts of records and data that must be meticulously organized and kept up-to-date. Rather than relying on employees to manually enter and review this data, OnBase can step in as a fast, accurate, and convenient way to keep a constant eye on records. Department employees can focus on more pressing matters that directly affect the public including answering questions, making repairs, finding innovative solutions to common problems, and more. OnBase will handle the heavy-lifting behind the scenes to keep both staff and the community happy with the department.  

OnBase has over 25 years of experience aiding the Government sector in digital transformation. With the assistance of OnBase, Government agencies can reduce paper waste, replace manual data entry, achieve simple processing, share services in the cloud, improve information search capabilities, and make information more accessible.  

ImageSoft is a premiere OnBase reseller, and we specialize in aiding Government departments find digital solutions that work for them. In addition to Departments of Revenue, we also currently work with the Department of Corrections, the Department of Insurance, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Finance and Administration, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Housing and Human Services. Our experts can configure OnBase to help any department reach its goals. If you’re interested in learning more about OnBase and our Government-specific solutions, check out our Goverment webpage. Feel free to contact us with any outstanding questions or to request a demo with our experts. 

A New Trend: State Lawmakers Discuss Calls For Gas Tax Suspension

Gas prices are sky high and don’t seem to be dropping anytime soon. This has led to a public outcry asking Departments of Revenue to lessen or suspend gas taxes in an attempt to lower the price per gallon. States are seeing record high costs at the pump, and many believe restructuring the gas tax can play a big role in driving prices back down. Check out this article about Indiana’s push to suspend the gas tax and what state leaders have to say about it.  

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OnBase By Hyland Is Far More Than Meets The Eye

OnBase is the king of working smarter. No matter what industry you’re in, we can guarantee that you have repetitive and tedious tasks on your to-do list. No one wants to sit at work spending hours filling in datasheets, responding to emails, creating tickets, etc. OnBase is here to save the day with Intelligent Automation capabilities. With intelligent automation (IA), organizations can better manage processes and data, anticipate the needs of users and customers, and give their employees the opportunity to focus on high-value tasks.

A Highly Configurable Workflow Engine to Automate Your Repetitive Processes

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management system that gives the Department of Revenue tools required to create automated, streamlined workflows. OnBase is scalable and agile, adapting to fit the needs of any DOR. Integrate OnBase with existing business tools to create a centralized hub of reports, analytics, processes, and information.

A New Trend: New Sales Tax Holidays

A growing trend is stemming from the Department of Revenue in various states – new sales tax holidays. Florida recently released their list of the new holidays, with each focusing on a specific category such as children’s books, tickets, and back to school. DORs are instituting these new holidays to allow the public to purchase necessary items for less money. With inflation rising and unemployment up, the DOR is doing its part to ensure that residents have access to what they need.

What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft has been bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Our industry-leading solutions for government offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your organization reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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