Have you ever met someone who is completely and wholeheartedly set in their ways? It can be frustrating to watch friends or family members struggle simply because they’re too stubborn to change. Humans are innately averse to change. We like routine and when something comes along to threaten it, we can grow defensive and on edge. More often than not, when we do finally decide to try whatever it is we’re worried about, we see that it’s definitely a change for the better.

If it’s hard for us to change things in our own lives, imagine how challenging it is to implement change within a company, department, or industry. The government sector is notorious for sticking with what they know, but the past several years have shown tremendous growth. Not only are government entities accepting change, they’re embracing it and advocating for more.

The government has been slowly adopting digital transformations for several years now, but the unprecedented pandemic forced the process to ramp up nearly overnight. Digital transformations are suddenly everywhere within the system, saving departments time, money, and hassle.

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the processes that are reaping the rewards of digitalization:

  • Filing documents – Once done by hand, now done digitally in seconds
  • Collecting signatures – Traditionally done in-person, now available on computers, tablets, and phones for signing on the go
  • Certifying documents – Say “goodbye” to hunting down a notary or approver and say “hello” to instant certification online
  • Workflow – Cross-department miscommunication is a thing of the past thanks to workflow systems that make information virtually accessible to everyone who might need it
  • Agenda management – Why waste a day building binders of documents by hand when you can organize everything digitally with just a few clicks?

Technology is around us all day every day in the form of phones, computers, smart devices, cars, etc. As we grow more accustomed to partaking in digital endeavors, we can logically expect them to bleed into careers and professional services as well. For those working in government, this can be a bit tricky. Some government processes stretch back decades. It’s up to the current government officials to initiate change towards a more tech-savvy system. Remember; just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean they’re being done the best way.

Thank you, technology, for allowing governments to streamline their processes. There are countless examples of digital innovations swooping in to save the day, and we predict many more are on the horizon. Don’t let your court get left behind with out-of-date systems. The world around us is changing, so you should too.

Successful Agencies Will Do More Than Just Innovate and Invest in Technology

When developed and used correctly, the benefits of AI can be game-changing. Many government agencies have begun adopting AI with an emphasis on building trust and seeing tangible results along the way. Read more about promoting trustworthy AI in Government.

Make it Easy for Your Constituents (and Easier for You!)

It goes without saying that when an industry changes, you either change or die. The list of national chains that did not change include:  Bookstop, Borders, Waldenbooks and Crown Books. There may be hundreds of small book-selling establishments that are gone.  This is the graveyard of the book-selling business. Even as I write this, there are a couple of other booksellers that are teetering.

I think government and quasi-government agencies have the same primary driver as the one that transformed the book business.

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Digital Transformation is a Journey: Begin with the End in Mind

For many, future technologies were no longer a roadmap wish list item or a dream, but a critical and immediate need. As the world starts to right itself, it’s crucial to continue preparation on digital solution efforts. Whether it be natural  disasters, power outages, fires, floods or hurricanes, unseen situations aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing Government

Government is an industry that has been around for centuries. While each form of government might look very different, they tend to have one thing in common – behind-the-times processes. Luckily, the US government has come to recognize that there are faster and more accurate ways to do things using digital technology. Though the implementation process is often slow, many local, state, and federal government departments are embracing a digital transformation. Automated workflows are saving government workers countless hours, enabling them to focus on more important tasks that can bring real change to the community.

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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft has been bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Our industry-leading solutions for government offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. ImageSoft is ready to help your organization reap the benefits from integrated enterprise content management. 

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