Take the “Glass Half-Full” Approach – Enjoy the 2020 Virtual Conference Series

Brad Smith, ImageSoft

Last summer, about this time, I would be hopping from conference to conference for the summer rotation discussing our various digital solutions, but more importantly, catching up with individuals who I consider my friends.

Never would I have imagined that, instead, I’d be penning you this newsletter from my home. To me, missing out on tradeshow season is the equivalent of bypassing golf season – it’s just outright heartbreaking. Not to mention the irony of it all: the year court tech conferences are cancelled is the year court technology is, for the first time, not just about making the court process more efficient, but serving as the lifeboat for keeping justice afloat while we work through a pandemic. 

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing you all in person again, I truly think our virtual 2020 conference series will be invaluable to you, especially as we’re all, some for the very first time, experiencing the first-hand benefits of digital court operations. Like me, you’re probably contemplating whether reverting back to a completely in-person court or hybrid system will be an option for us all in 2021. But if you take the glass half full view, which I like to do, you’ll find stories that illustrate the answer. Take, for example, this featurefrom NCSC.org which tells how piloting a virtual jury trial received enthusiastic feedback from the participants. Jurors felt the experience was more respectful of their time and that accessing justice, especially connecting with attorneys in sparsely populated areas, was much easier. Just the other day, in our recent “Panel ‘Judge’Ments” webinar (now available as a podcast recording in the “Industry News” section below), three judges participated in an online panel discussion and cited how litigants were more likely to show up to virtual court hearings and have been more responsible in paying restitutions via online payment portals. 

Don’t get me wrong – there is a very human element about court procedures that necessitates in-person participation. But if we can facilitate stronger community involvement by making justice more accessible / convenient, we’re fulfilling our responsibility to the justice system – building more interconnected worlds that transform lives. 

This, my friends, is what the virtual conference series is all about. In the coming months, you’ll receive articles, podcasts, webinars and other thought leadership pieces, contributed to by some of the most respected names in the court system, on how we can do our part to transform lives by means of digital transformation. The best part is that it’s all being delivered right to your home office, living room, kid’s soccer game, or wherever you’re catching up on email these days. Embrace these materials when the time is right for you. We also ask that you share these materials with friends or colleagues who may find value in it. These resources are free, with the only expectation being that more innovation, ideas and a stronger, more fluid and accessible court system is in the making. 

As always, I’m here if you want to talk, be it court tech, family or golf. Hoping to connect with you, even if only virtually, very soon.

Cheers, Brad

“COVID: A Catalyst for Change?”

When the pandemic struck, many courts found themselves unprepared and uncertain about how to sustain necessary case types. After living in the virtual court world for a while, and recognizing several benefits, the conversation is now “what about the long-term?”

Read Courts Today’s thoughts on COVID serving as a potential catalyst for change. 

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Court Cooties

During the current COVID 19 crisis, Courts were very concerned about interacting with the huge variety of participants they serve on a typical day. Dare I say they were fearful of spreading “Court Cooties”?  Prisons could mitigate crowding by releasing some inmates. Non-essential workers could stay home. But courthouses? Obviously, they could not shut down. Courts had to be in business even when nothing else was. So how, then, could they avoid these “Court Cooties”?

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Caught on Camera: “Panel ‘Judge’ments and the Post-Pandemic Court” 

“We’re trying to open, adaptive and innovative, because that’s all we can do to do our part.” 

An honest expression of Hon. Amy Meachum, Judge, 201st District Court of Travis County, TX, during the recent webinar “Panel ‘Judge’Ments: The Post Pandemic Court.” Judge Meachum was one of three judiciaries who joined us for a panel discussion about the initial and existing challenges facing courts amidst the pandemic, what the adaption process has been like, responses from jurors and the public on the virtual court and, most relevantly, what’s next. 

Meet the judges, gain insights on the future of courts, and share in their experiences by tuning in to the webinar recording, now available as the most recent episode of The Paperless Productivity Podcast.

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Tell Us What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)

For us, alongside many of our friends, customers and partners, summer is seasoned with “all that jazz” in New Orleans, the sounds of Broadway Street in Nashville and extraordinary professional and personable experiences at our beloved court conferences like NACM, CTC, Velocity and, of course, CommunityLive.  

This summer is different – a little more homegrown, if you will. But that doesn’t mean that “court talk,” thought leadership and court tech innovation all come to a screeching halt. The pursuit of increasingly accessible and interconnected justice, our friends, cannot be quarantined. In a time where court technology is no longer just a bonus, but a vital necessity to sustaining court operations, we need to be connected, concerned and conversing about “what’s next” for the court. 

Which is why we’re bringing it all to you! Over the next few months, you’ll receive podcasts, guest authored blogs and articles, webinar invitations and other free resources that keep you up-to-speed with the justice system’s progression and the opportunities available to you for success and stability regardless of external, fluctuating circumstances.  

To participate, all we ask is that you update your email subscription preferences accordingly in our Subscription Center. Also be sure to read more details about our 2020 Virtual Conference Series in the announcement below.  

Stay safe, stay tuned, and we’ll talk soon. 

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