Is it just me, or does anyone else think of “20-20” vision when they say “2020”?

Vince Hanson from ImageSoft

With not only a fresh year ahead but an entirely new decade, I want to ensure my vision for the future is clear and my hindsight is truly 20-20. Sometimes, though, that proves difficult. I don’t know about you, but my crystal ball occasionally goes haywire and the future is not anything like I had planned. And in the realm of fast-paced technology, that’s true more often than not. It’s hard to believe that, just ten years ago, we were still relying on pen drives to share pictures, movies and games with one another. The evolution to Cloud storage has not only changed inter-personal transactions, but much of the way we do business today!

While the incessant pace of technology can leave you breathless, the increasing possibilities also make it very exciting. Reflecting on my more than 20 years in software, I can say one of the most powerful conversations is one that started not too long ago: interoperability and integration rather than the legacy, go-it-alone technologies that used to dominate the industry. The effects have been continuously building on top of what we have done thanks to foundational technologies that are solid and extensible.

Keeping pace, evolving and developing are products only of building.

So as you step into the next decade, I challenge you to think about the key technology platforms that you use every day. Is the focus merely keeping it operational, or are you able to introduce new efficiencies, security and innovation? Are you adding on siloed applications that, at best, clumsily share data or are you attaching components that seamlessly share data and protect its integrity? It’s the answers to these questions that will determine whether you keep pace with innovation or feel like you’re hopelessly behind.

Investing your resources and research in adaptable solutions that grow with your carrier and the evolving needs of insurance will carry you through to your goals despite those curveballs your crystal ball missed while on the fritz.

Let’s make this our best decade yet!


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When insurers extend their enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to mobile devices, a whole new world opens  — giving employees more options while improving customer service. Optimizing mobile access means employees can stay connected to documents and information, keep processes moving with quick response times, and access transactions and stay current. With mobile access to transactions and documents, everyone is looped in, driving efficiency and continuity.

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Healthy from Head to …Workflow?

Whether you’re a devout resolution-ist or follow a steady “new year, same me” approach, it’s hard not to lean into the become-your-best-self buzz. A symbolic clean slate nudges our potential and, with so many gym promotions, supplement deals and an abundance of willing workout buddies, there really is no better time to start than now.

As insurers, the idea of healthier habits means more opportunities to help people and even incentivize them to stay on track. The problem, however, is the limited idea of “health” that people (and organizations) get stuck in – especially insurance companies. Yes, healthy bodies are important – lowering cholesterol and sleeping more are great accomplishments. But what keeps us on pace with our commitments to health is how these lifestyle adjustments make us feel.

Investing so much time and energy into our careers, the health of your organization naturally weighs on overall wellbeing. When the sluggish lifecycle of claims is backlogged at best and disparate systems inhibit accurate data collection, insurers aren’t motivated to step into higher ground or go the extra mile. Processes aren’t as efficient as they should be, frustrating both agents and customers, which translates into strained relationships within and outside of the organization.

So as you begin journeying on 2020’s renewed course of health, take the challenge a step further and harness a holistic approach that includes stronger processes from head to workflow. Is your organization as “healthy as you think”? Share your thoughts on our Insurance-specific LinkedIn page.

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