Welcome to the Dating Game of Tech! We’re your host, ImageSoft. Congratulations on being selected as our lucky contestant on this special Valentine’s Day edition. Behind this wall are three technology solutions hoping to get the chance to assist you with reaching goals and exceeding expectations. Let’s play The Dating Game!

Firstly, let’s meet our tech solutions! 

Contestant #1 is OnBase, Enterprise Content Management system to the stars. OnBase knows its way around the block, and is constantly looking for new ways to make the lives of Insurance personnel more convenient than ever. OnBase loves to stay organized, is a people-person, and will always help keep the conversation going. 

Contestant #2 is TrueSign, a veteran in the game with plenty to offer. TrueSign used to sit in its room and practice penmanship for hours. It’s a writer, but it prefers digital media whenever possible. Pen and paper is so old school and TrueSign is not about to be behind on the trends. 

Contestant #3 is Resolve Disputes Online (RDO) who has been making quite a splash recently. RDO is a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll soon see that they are great at what they do and will do anything to lend a helping hand. RDO thinks AI is the future and is a firm believer is equal opportunity when it comes to justice. 

Now, let’s get started! 

Contestant #1, what would you say is your biggest strength? 
My biggest strength is definitely my versatility. I’ve spent a long time becoming well-rounded so that I can keep up with trends even though I’m not the new kid on the block. No matter how much you throw at me, I will be able to handle it and put it to work for you. I’m not afraid of a challenge, especially ones that involve digital communication. In fact, I pride myself in my ability to offer top-tier work in both Digital Workflows and Content Management. I’m a jack-of-all-trades ready to help you stay on task and find better ways to get things done. 

Contestant #2, same question. 
My biggest strength is my uniqueness! Am I a new concept? No – BUT – I do offer plenty of special features that help you get things done. I’m always right where you need me, just pull out your smartphone and send a message my way. Well, to be specific, send a text, email, or QR code my way! I’m happy to collect signatures for you from coworkers, people outside your company, individuals… anyone who’s busy and doesn’t like to beat around the bush because I don’t believe in wasting time.  

And finally, Contestant #3, what say you? 
I like to think that I’m good during tense situations. I’m always willing to listen to both sides of a story to help those involved reach a compromise. Sometimes, I just handle the exchanges of information, but other times I put my Artificial Intelligence to work and handle disputes all by myself. I’ve helped a lot of insurance companies tackle settlements with clients. Knowing things are tense as it is, I don’t see a need for drawing out the process or making it extremely expensive for anyone. We all just want to settle the dispute and get back to normal life as quickly as possible. Insurance is there to help people when they need it, and I love to be part of the process to ensure the result is fair for everyone. 

Contest #1, please describe your ideal match. 
In all honesty, I wouldn’t say I have a “type.” I get along swimmingly with just about anyone I meet. I’d say I’m most popular with bigger companies because I’m able to help a lot of departments at once. But as for who I help? I’d gladly work with the Justice System, the Government, Insurance companies, and more. If I had to pick, I’d request a match with someone involved in the Back Office or HR side of things. That’s my comfort zone and I’m proud to say that I consider myself an extremely valuable asset to those teams. I’m a wiz with accounts payable and receivable, and I’m one of the best recruiters you’ll ever meet, so I tend to get along with those folks as well. 

Contest #2, how about you? 
Like Contestant #1, I don’t think I can say I have a perfect match. I’ve been able to work with people from all sorts of careers and fields, and I’ve loved every opportunity that’s come my way. Of course, some professionals have much better handwriting than others! I want to be clear that penmanship isn’t a dealbreaker for me at all, but something about a beautiful signature takes my breath away. In the spirit of the game, I suppose I should pick a type….I’m going to go with anyone involved in healthcare or insurance records. I don’t always find the next calligrapher in these fields, but I’m extremely loyal and can keep a secret. I know many of these roles require HIPAA and other compliance, and I know I’m up-to-date about those regulations and will be a great team member in keeping things secure, authorized, and certified. 

And finally, let’s hear from you, Contest #3! 
I’m a busy insurance company type of tech for sure. We just make sense together; they have a lot going on and might be too busy to listen to disputes, and that’s my specialty. I would say my specific type is within the legal/mediation department, but I help out whoever I can. What I care about most in a partner is how they feel about making settlements efficient and cost-effective for all parties. I want a partner who is honest and wants to resolve conflict, not draw it out for months on end.  

Thank you very much, contestants! The time has come to choose your perfect match. Could Contestant #1 be the tech of your dreams and help you streamline communication with workflows? Maybe you like Contestant #2 because you think signature collection and technology are a match made in heaven. Or maybe you’re leaning towards Contestant #3, a master of mediation and the ever-ready unbiased third party to arguments.  

Good news! On this special Valentine’s Day episode, you don’t have to pick just one tech solution! If you like what you’ve heard, feel free to name all three as winners and get your digital transformation rolling. If you need more information about these contestants and others waiting backstage, please reach out to us at contactus@imagesoftinc.com.  

Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be happy with your decision. It was lovely having you on the show and we look forward to hearing how our tech solutions are working out for you!  

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