The Insurance industry is a bustling place filled with many businesses, firms, and professionals. While the field is no doubt complex, it has proven to be a fantastic area to work in because people will always look for ways to protect themselves and their families. Insurance is a must-have for many individuals and companies alike. After all, you want to protect your most valuable assets in case something goes wrong. With so much demand paired with ever-changing regulations, many Insurance professionals are constantly on the hunt for ways to streamline their processes. ImageSoft is proud to support Insurance agencies across the US, providing Insurance solutions that help overcome challenges with minimal work to the team. Let’s dive into a few of our products and discuss how they can help the Insurance industry.

Better manage multimedia assets for claims with Vault.

We always request feedback from Industry professionals as we develop new products. Getting the inside scoop is the best way to build a solution that will solve problems permanently rather than put a band-aid over them. The overwhelming response we received was that managing new forms of assets has proven to be a challenge. Vault is a digital asset management system for uploading, storing, sharing, organizing, and viewing videos, audio recordings, images, scanned documents, and more. If your organization is not yet using an asset management system, you likely struggle to handle submissions in uncommon or digital formats.

We’ve heard time and time again that things like CCTV footage, doorbell recordings, bodycam footage, etc., get lost in the shuffle or can’t be played by the Claims department because there is no technology available to do so. Vault is the answer – providing file normalization that makes most assets streamable and shareable in-platform to whichever department may need it. You can organize files in a variety of ways, update metadata to quickly find assets later, and track all case file information in a centralized, web-based location. Housed in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, Vault is an insurance solution that offers unmatched security measures to safeguard your client’s personal information.

Save time and money by settling disputes outside the courtroom with Resolve Disputes Online.

Insurance agencies are no strangers to the Court. Claims and settlements require Court

cases often, and it can be a several-day affair depending on the circumstance. Time is money, and spending time in Court takes time away from handling other claims and cases. Settling outside of Court is a far simpler solution for all parties, especially with a system like Resolve Disputes Online (RDO).  As you would imagine, being able to log onto a computer and negotiate is far more convenient than scheduling a Court date, and it’s more accessible to the other involved party. RDO offers negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and even asynchronous trials. Depending on the case, you can decide the best course of action and use the RDO platform accordingly. Everything is kept within the platform to ensure there’s no data breach, invasion of privacy, or misplaced information. The system is an ideal insurance solution that truly meets you where you are to speed up the process.

Reduce delays and guarantee authenticity with TrueSign.

TrueSign, our Advanced Electronic Signature solution, is helpful in just about any industry. However, it very quickly became apparent that the Insurance sector was a prime candidate for electronic signatures considering the mountains of paperwork agencies sift through each day. Whether you are signing documents or sending them out to be signed, there’s a lot of John Hancocking happening in the industry. TrueSign is an alternative to the traditional signature collection process developed to better suit the needs of those working in a hybrid or remote environment. Not too long ago, businesses were shut down due to the pandemic and it was a scramble to get everything in order so business could continue as usual. TrueSign is ideal for collecting external signatures (which is common in Insurance) because all you need is the party’s email address. You’ll send over a link to the ready-to-sign document, and their phone or computer instantly becomes a signature pad.

TrueSign is equipped with many features that make it a top Insurance solution including:

  • Simple template creation and storage
  • Automatic tracking
  • CJIS and HIPAA-readiness
  • Automatic Digital Certificates
  • Internal and external signing
  • Real-time text, email, or QR code signing options
  • Downloadable executed forms with all filled-in information
  • Configurable notifications and settings

TrueSign is an insurance solution many agencies have grown to count on. Even if customers are not users, they can sign documents and send them back in just minutes.

Organize your content, manage workflows, and create automation with OnBase.

The last Insurance solution we want to discuss is OnBase, our top partner. Not to brag, but we’ve been Hyland’s top OnBase reseller partner for two decades. We know a thing or two about the system and what makes it work in different industries. For Insurance, we see a lot of value in all the management options as well as workflows and automation. OnBase is a highly configurable system that can be adapted to suit your exact needs. If we’re speaking on a basic level, Insurance firms tend to lean toward contract management, document management, and basic asset management. Having everything stored and organized in a centralized repository ensures nothing is lost and improves access to any authorized person at any time. OnBase can also help you create and manage workflows to help delegate tasks and get everyone working collaboratively on projects. With so many moving parts to the insurance process, having a repeatable process is critical to success. If you’re looking to free up more time for your staff, OnBase can also offer automation for tedious jobs. Data entry, reporting, ticketing systems, etc., can all be managed by the system rather than your team. You can all focus on the big to-dos and trust OnBase to handle the smaller stuff that eats into your valuable time.

ImageSoft is a Diamond Level Support Partner for OnBase, meaning we can help get you up and running and keep you chugging along without a hitch. Our team can troubleshoot, offer suggestions, work on configurations, discuss new modules, and more to make sure your OnBase solution is doing the most for your organization. OnBase is a trusted product for the Insurance industry and beyond. We are proud to be partners and look forward to finding new ways the system can positively impact Insurers across the US.

So, are you ready to improve your productivity and performance with digital Insurance solutions? ImageSoft is ready to be your partner and help you meet (and exceed) your business goals. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to the team. Visit to learn more and find out how else we can help your organization grow.

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