In the words of Smash Mouth, “the years start coming and they don’t stop coming.” As such, we find ourselves kicking off 2023! We had a wonderful year last year (read all about it in our recap blog), and we are looking forward to the great things to come.  We wanted to share a few of the things we’re most looking forward to for ImageSoft in 2023.  events!

Expanding Industry Knowledge

One of our goals in 2023 is to work to expand our industry knowledge in order to better serve our customers. Throughout 2022, we learned several products in our suite are suitable and beneficial for multiple industries. This year, we will research these markets and gain a deeper understanding of how we can best serve them.

A housing complex

For example, we will be working closely with various Government agencies to bring them the best version of OnBase possible. We are in communication with leaders from Departments of Labor,  Departments of Transportation, Housing Authorities, and more to uncover pain points and find ways to leverage OnBase to overcome them. In addition, we will be exploring new ways to utilize ImageSoft products. We received feedback that many Insurers could benefit from the large file and video-sharing aspect of the platform, and believe Vault would be a great fit.  We always strive to find ways to best serve our customers. We hope that our research and commitment to moving into these markets help us connect with people who can benefit from our technologies.

ImageSoft On the Road Again

As always, we anticipate 2023 to be jam-packed with tradeshows! Our team loves to head out to shows across the country to connect with industry professionals. While it can be hectic getting everything ready, meeting people in person is well worth the effort. We currently have 12 tradeshows on our list and more to come! Tradeshows are a favorite method of meeting new people and our team thrives on personal interactions in our booths. Wondering where we will be? We post about our shows on LinkedIn and the complete list is available on our Events page. We recently introduced a new version of our monthly newsletter which will include upcoming events. If you are not currently part of our mailing list, please contact us and we will add you! If you’ve never bumped into us at a tradeshow, here’s what you can expect:

  • A booth teeming with information about the solutions most valuable to your industry
  • Team members ready to chat with you about anything and everything
  • On-site brief demos to see inside each of our platforms
  • The occasional game/contest with some incredible prizes
  • ImageSoft swag, obviously

We hope you’ll consider joining us at a tradeshow or conference this year.

Welcoming Back Our Customer Event, Velocity

ImageSoft takes pride in building personal customer relationships. We remember your kids’ names, discuss your favorite sports team,  ask about your boat, and sometimes attend your birthday parties (when you invite us, of course). To celebrate our customers and your partnership, we hold an annual customer event called Velocity. After a successful virtual conference in 2021 and a brief hiatus last year, we are thrilled to announce Velocity 2023 is back in person in Novi, Michigan!

The Velocity logo

Velocity is a two-day conference where ImageSoft customers can network, participate in training sessions, learn more about our products, sit in on panel discussions, and get information to help expand the value of your technology investment. This year, Velocity will be held at Suburban Showplace on May 31st and June 1st. Informational emails will be sent to existing customers over the next several months, so check your inboxes to stay in the loop! If you think you may be missing emails, please contact us and we’ll get everything sorted for you! The first day features a Welcome Session and optional training (always a crowd favorite). The second day is dedicated to general sessions and breakouts. Customers are invited to spend both days with us, or just one!

We are currently looking for customer stories or sessions to share.  If you have a success story or creative way you’ve used technology to better serve your organization, please reach out!

Working More Closely With Our i3 Sister Companies

If you aren’t aware, ImageSoft was acquired by i3 Verticals back in November of 2020. i3 is the parent of several organizations and companies across various industries and specialties, including a large presence in Healthcare, Public Sector, and Law & Justice. As such, the moment we were welcomed into the i3 family, we gained new sister companies! Over the past few years, we’ve been building up our relationships with these brands and have collaborated on projects including tradeshow booths. We are planning to prioritize strong connections with our fellow i3 constituents.  Together we can create even more powerful solutions to help overcome your pain points. After huge success with The Night Out (TNO) co-hosted with our sister-company Kiriworks, we are eager to plan more collaborative events. Stay tuned for announcements about joint efforts!

Continued Excellent Service

The ImageSoft Customer Care Team in the old office

Lastly, we are excited about the chance to offer top-of-the-line services and products to our customers. The ImageSoft team of experts is constantly learning so we can give you the knowledge you need to succeed. We have several product upgrades/new features on the horizon as well as many updates in OnBase (by Hyland Software). Our Professional Services team continues to ensure our expanding customer base receives the attention they deserve. Cloud Hosting is amping up their charge to get more people on the Cloud. Sales and Marketing are doing research and speaking with industry professionals to understand what industry leaders need. Customer Care continues to provide unmatched support for any and all solutions we provide. We have been recognized as a Platinum Partner with Hyland and a Diamond Support Partner for nearly two decades. We take that responsibility very seriously and look forward to a year of developing solutions, troubleshooting issues, and making your business thrive.

2023 is going to be a great year. If all goes as planned, it’s set to be our biggest and best year yet! Thank you to everyone involved in helping us get where we are today – we couldn’t be successful without our team and our customers. Keep an eye out on our social media and website for more exciting news! If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can improve this year, please contact our team. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

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