It’s been a while since we gave a detailed look into all the solutions we offer. Since our last update, we’ve introduced several new digital products to our inventory that we’re incredibly excited about. If you’re new to ImageSoft, or just looking to catch up on what’s new, you’ve come to the right article! Let’s delve into our digital products and some services that set us apart.

Meet Our Family of Digital Products


TrueSign is ImageSoft’s advanced electronic signature platform. TrueSign has been on our roster for a while now, but we haven’t stopped making improvements and introducing new features! If you’re new to TrueSign, it’s a digital platform designed to streamline the signature collection process. Using email, text, or QR code, anyone can transform their phone or laptop into a signature pad to sign digital documents in real time. TrueSign users can create templates for any forms they frequently send out for a quick click-to-send model. All signatures are backed by Digital Certificates, meaning TrueSign can be used as part of a CJIS or HIPAA-compliant solution! In today’s remote world, TrueSign is helping to reduce delays by allowing internal and external users to sign anytime, anywhere.

TrueFiling and TrueFiling Review

The TrueFiling System now has two “parts!” Previously, TrueFiling was the only offering when it came to electronically filing Court documents. TrueFiling is the front-end portion of the system in which filers can submit documents directly to the Courts. TrueFiling supports all case types, and even self-represented litigants can utilize the system! We recently unveiled TrueFiling Review, “part 2” of our TrueFiling System. TrueFiling Review is catered to the Courts as a way to receive and process any electronically-submitted document. TrueFiling Review is web-based for remote access and centralized data storage. Court personnel can review and review and accept documents as well as request reports to track filing fee payments.


Vault is one of the fastest-growing digital products on our list because the Justice System is seeing such a need for Digital Evidence Management. From bodycam footage to audio recordings, new types of evidence are being submitted and organizations need a secure way to store, manage and share them. Vault is a centralized, cloud-hosted platform for storing and organizing nearly any evidence format. Vault allows external users to upload multimedia files from most devices including phones and laptops. Metadata tags can be applied to easily locate each exhibit, and any file can be shared with authorized users. When it’s time to view or playback any exhibit, parties can do so without ever leaving the platform. Vault automatically normalizes most files into a streamable format to help eliminate the need for external devices. While Vault continues to be a popular topic in the Justice System, it is also proving useful in the Insurance industry for storing multimedia assets to facilitate the processing of insurance claims.


SafeEncounter was developed to foster positive relationships between police officers and members of their communities by improving Law Enforcement’s understanding of and reaction to constituents whose medical conditions might require special rules of engagement. SafeEncounter is a Community Safety Database that gives the public (or officers with permission) the ability to create profiles for loved ones who suffer from disabilities or medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Down Syndrome, or other severe mental health disorders. If a person is found wandering, or if police receive a call about a disturbance, they can refer to SafeEncounter to find out how to best safely engage with the individual. SafeEncounter profiles include images of the person as well as physical descriptions so officers can identify any individual who is struggling to communicate. SafeEncounter helps avoid unnecessary conflict or distress for all parties and can build trust in the community.

Other Products

We have many additional products we offer.Follow the links below to learn more about our other featured products below!

    • Law Enforcement Agency Portal (LEAP): A digital liaison between Law Enforcement and Prosecutors to streamline communication and file sharing.
    • TrueCertify: Digitally safeguard authentic certifications against all avenues of circumvention. Encrypt and password-protect documents as you share them.
    • Paperless Prosecutor: A digital product designed specifically for Prosecutors. Create workflows, digitize the discovery process, synchronize case files, and more.

Proud to be partners

In addition to our family of proprietary digital products, we are proud to be partners with several industry leaders to offer even more to our customers. Currently, we are partnered with Resolve Disputes Online (RDO), who specialize in online mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. We are the North American partner for RDO, and are thrilled to bring increased access to justice to the US and Canada. Resolve Disputes Online is well-known in the mediation space and is revolutionizing the way civil cases, misdemeanors, and other disputes are being handled. 

ImageSoft also has a long-standing partnership with OnBase by Hyland Software. We have been OnBase partners for over two decades and have received top-level awards along the way. This year, we were recognized as Customer Growth Partner of the Year, Government Partner of the Year, and Partner of the Year, and we received Platinum Elite Status as well as Diamond level Support Status. OnBase is a top Enterprise Management System offering countless modules to help you streamline processes and adopt digital practices. All solutions are highly configurable and integrate seamlessly with our proprietary products.  OnBase streamlines complex processes such as  vendor management, contract management, content management,  accounts payable/receivable, and more.

Services you won’t want to miss

While we’re discussing the digital products we offer, we also want to mention a few of our services. Firstly, we have a dedicated Cloud Hosting Team that can help migrate your business to a Cloud environment or develop solutions within the Cloud. ImageSoft uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud (in many cases, the Government Cloud for extra security) for all our hosting needs. Each of our products thrives in a Cloud environment, and you benefit from the layers of security protecting your data. Cloud Hosting comes in two “levels” – Hosting and Managed Services. Hosting is a good option for businesses that are tech-savvy and have an IT team who can manage the Cloud in-house. We’ll help set it up, then leave you to it. Managed Services is for those who need a helping hand on the backend of things. Once we set up your Cloud, we stick around to offer assistance in its upkeep and development. It’s a form of staff augmentation that can help you get things done even if you don’t have an IT team readily available.

Another service that sets us apart is Customer Care, our customer service team. Customer Care is an option for any ImageSoft customer. The Customer Care team will work with you to troubleshoot your solutions, answer questions, and quell concerns. With multiple levels of care available, you can choose the plan that works for your organization. Customer Care works directly with customers to solve issues and develop game plans for avoiding them in the future. With just about two decades of Diamond Level recognition from Hyland, you know you can also count on Customer Care to support your systems.

Whew! That was a lot to get through! We are so proud of the inventory of digital products we’ve created thus far, and we look forward to expanding in the next several years. We regularly update our existing products, so be sure to check the website often to stay in the know. Keep in mind that many of our solutions are highly configurable and always growing, so even if a specific feature wasn’t mentioned here, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the capabilities to help you reach your goals. To learn more about our solutions, take a look around


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