There’s nothing quite like a bright, sunny day with fluffy white clouds filling the sky. Clouds are fascinating in that they look like cotton floating in the air, but are actually composed of millions and millions of water molecules. From afar, they seem to be a relatively simple structure; it’s not until you truly break them down that you see the complexity within and marvel at how so many minuscule particles can come together to form something so beautiful. The Cloud (as in the data storage, internet Cloud) was very aptly named. While viewed as a single, solid unit, it is actually billions of pieces of information collected together and suspended above us all. The Cloud is a beautiful thing that more organizations are turning to than ever before. ImageSoft Cloud Hosting offers the best the Cloud has to offer including security, accessibility, reliability, and more. Let’s take a look at ImageSoft Cloud Hosting and what it can do for your organization!

The ImageSoft Cloud

Firstly, what exactly is the ImageSoft Cloud? It’s the Microsoft Azure Cloud as run and

The Microsoft Azure Cloud logo

managed by the ImageSoft team! Countless companies offer their own version of a Cloud. We could have made our own from scratch, but we saw far more value in offering Cloud Hosting services in a trusted, established existing Cloud. The choice to partner with Azure was easy – it’s by far one of the best Clouds on the market.  As an added benefit, Microsoft offers the Azure Government Cloud (GovCloud) which boasts even stronger security measures than traditional Azure. This is particularly important for our organization as we work closely with government agencies and the justice system. Ensuring the security of our customers is a top priority. If the United States government trusts the Azure GovCloud, we have confidence in its capabilities. The ImageSoft cloud combines the use of Azure with our expert support and implementation/migration teams, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for our customers. We are dedicated to providing assistance and support, rather than leaving our customers to navigate an unfamiliar environment on their own.

Why Migrate To The Cloud

Now, why should you make the transition over to the Cloud? To put it simply, it’s one of the smartest business decisions you can make. Let’s break down just a few of the many benefits we proudly discuss with our customers.

  • Superior security: The first and often most convincing reason to go to the Cloud is the security measures it comes with. As we said, Microsoft Azure is known for their security and can offer protections that private servers or physical storage cannot. Of course, the true nature of these protections is very complex, but to make a long story short, Azure comes with encryption, password/code protections, multifactor verification, firewalls, antivirus software, and more. There are multiple levels of security for every action taken within the ImageSoft Cloud. Data in storage is housed behind several protective measures. File sharing is encrypted to prevent mid-transit hacks. No matter what you do in the Cloud, there’s a band of digital security guards whose only focus is keeping unwanted guests away from your data.
  • Remote Access: In today’s work environment, the need for remote access is critical. Many companies are at least using hybrid models if not entirely remote. The Cloud is available from anywhere at any time. Authorized employees can access the Cloud from the office, their home, the beach, the car – anywhere with an internet connection. One of the best things about working in a Cloud environment is that no files are ever moved from the Cloud. Staff can access what they need without having to download it, export it, pull it from a filing cabinet, or borrow it from a coworker. By limiting movement while granting access in a remote environment, the ImageSoft Cloud can drastically boost productivity without risking things being leaked, lost, misplaced, or mistreated. A user simply logs into the Cloud and can view documents as needed, collaborate with the team, upload new data, and more.
  • Hassle-Free Backups: Any trustworthy company will have at least one backup of its entire collection of data. Be it virtual or otherwise, having a duplicate of everything is essential – after all, what if disaster strikes and takes down your server or floods the office?! If your organization works exclusively within the Cloud, there is no need for manual backups. If your computer crashes, you can simply login on a mobile device. Hired a new employee? Give them access to the Cloud and let them walk through the archive as needed. If a pipe bursts and your filing cabinets get soaked, you won’t lose any data because no disaster can touch the Cloud.

ImageSoft Cloud Hosting

A vector image of a cloud hosted system

ImageSoft offers two separate styles of Cloud Hosting. The first is exactly how it sounds – we host your services in our Cloud. Our team will help migrate your existing systems or get your ImageSoft products developed right in the Cloud from the get-go. Once everything is set up, our team takes a step back. We’re still here for support if you need us, but we let you take the reins and run the Cloud however you see fit for your organization. Benefits of ImageSoft Cloud Hosting:

  • The setup process is still handled by us
  • You have the freedom to manage the system as you see fit once setup is complete
  • Your teams have access & control to make changes as necessary

Managed Services

The second option of ImageSoft Cloud Hosting is Managed Services. Once again, we help migrate/implement services into Azure. However, once the setup is complete, we don’t just hand over the keys and watch you drive into the sunset. Rather, we give you one key and keep another for ourselves so we can go in and help you manage the Cloud throughout your partnership with us. We essentially act as your IT team for all things Cloud. We’re there for support, management, troubleshooting, and more. Benefits of Managed Services include:

  • A helping hand with onboarding if you’re new to the Cloud
  • You have access to the ImageSoft team as an expert resource with the ability to go in and make changes for you
  • Our teams act as an extension of your business, ensuring security and best-practice operation of your critical business needs.

Are you ready to move to the ImageSoft Cloud? Businesses are relying on digital solutions now more than ever to safeguard their data without sacrificing accessibility. The Cloud is the most popular option for centralized data storage and for good reason: years of development in technology have made it extremely reliable, trustworthy, and secure. We strongly encourage all organizations to adopt a Cloud environment, and if we can have a hand in helping them get there, all the better! If you’d like to learn more about ImageSoft Cloud Hosting, please visit As always, reach out to the team with any questions!

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