If you say “solution” within an ear’s reach of ImageSoft staff, you will make a lot of friends almost instantly and can guarantee none of them will fall short of conversation about solutions of every kind. But, for the third consecutive year, the ImageSoft family has (not gracefully) traded in their computers for branch cutters and banded together to turn its problem-solving strategies toward inner-city challenges that call on thousands of people to overcome.

Have You Met Life Remodeled?

Comprised of thousands of change makers-and-shakers, you probably do know someone who contributes to the Detroit-based catalyst that is rebuilding our city one neighborhood at a time. With blighted Detroit neighborhoods as the focus, Life Remodeled invests roughly $5 million into financially, materially, and manually remodeling a Detroit neighborhood each year. In the process, thousands of relationships are built among the volunteers who, despite coming from all different walks of life, can come together and share in this positive experience. 75 percent of Life Remodeled volunteers say their involvement has made them a better person, and we can vouch for it!

6 Days. 10,000 People. One Purpose.

liferemodeled-1This year, 25 ImageSoft team members contributed to the approximately 10,000 volunteers who are creating a safer community for the Durfee Innovation Society, which brings much entrepreneurship, employment and education to the city.

Taking the divide-and-conquer approach, ImageSoft lent its support to two days of the six-day project.liferemodeled-2

On Tuesday and Friday, ImageSoft team members smiled and laughed through sweat and bug spray as they cleared Detroit alleyways from overgrown trees, weeds and waste. Doing so also added visibility to dangerously-shadowed areas and, of course, revitalized the city’s environment.

“It was a really unifying experience for us as co-workers. Some of us work together every day and some of us have only emailed each other on occasion. Coming together as a team for a greater good not only brought us together outside of the office, but the community-focused environment was a great way to learn about the people we work with and all the cool things that different departments are working on,” said David Waling, Technical Support Representative and Life Remodeled Team Lead for ImageSoft.

“Even though the physical work was challenging, everyone’s positive energy and sense of purpose kept us going. I can’t wait for next year!” liferemodeled-3

They’ll Probably Ask How They Can Do More!

Because we don’t leave our software solutions often but, when we do, it’s to contribute to even more fulfilling solutions. If you or your company is on the hunt for a rewarding day for purpose and team building, we recommend you check out the Life Remodeled website and their twitter feed @LifeRemodeled to learn more.

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