180_bumperstickerForest P. Gill is credited with inventing the bumper sticker in the late 1940s after the screen printer found himself with an oversupply of adhesive-backed stickers and fluorescent paint following World War II. Sources can’t verify what exactly it said (if anything), but it’s sad to think he missed the trademark “Run, Forest, Run!”

At any rate (or should we say “Velocity”), Mr. Gill quite possibly invented one of the most brilliant messaging tools. After all, what else are you going to read while stuck in traffic?

So as we launch registration for Velocity 2019, ImageSoft’s second-annual customer event, we thought there was no better way to explain what’s to be expected than through bumper-sticker language.

“I’m Not Speeding – I Just Replaced My Engine with OnBase”

Because your momentum is Velocity’s goal, the substance of every activity is to introduce you to challenges you might not realize exist within your current processes, zero-in on the cause of that pain point and match you with a solution that best fits your organization’s needs. Whether you’re networking, listening in on a customer story, or learning how to better leverage an existing workflow solution, you’ll leave Velocity with the know-how, tools and confidence to make your workflow great again!

“I Drive Better on the Course”

Maybe not the most reassuring message to see on the road, but we know many customers (and ImageSoft team members!) who would be proud to admit this is true. After all, you have concentrate before you can innovate. So on Tuesday, May 21, all customers are welcome to join us for an afternoon on the green at St. John’s Golf Course and channel your inner Tiger Woods for a complimentary and slightly competitive round of golf before dinner.

“I Brake for OnBase Training!”

With so many meetings, activities and deadlines to meet, it’s difficult to dedicate time to continuing education. But slowing down to refresh your OnBase skills or learn how to optimize expanded functionality could be the best business decision you make all year. With OnBase experts instructing hands-on training sessions, this once-a-year opportunity is your big break for asking questions, solving workflow challenges or just bringing more insight to the table.

“Honk If You Love Break-Out Sessions!”

We’re laying on the horn. With panel discussions, customer spotlights, and live demonstrations on topics ranging from ShareBase and records management tools to video evidence management solutions and online dispute resolution, you make your own agenda based on the array of sessions available throughout the day. Because we love to get technical, we did organize the tracks according to which industry the topic serves best. But whether your background is in courts, prosecution, government, insurance or somewhere in between, every session is open to you. So wander around – a little cross-industry networking and know-how could unlock an idea or opportunity you never thought possible.

“Buckle Up!”

Our favorite event of the year for customers, partners and ImageSoft staff, Velocity lives up to its name by making the most out of its two days per year. With so many hands to shake, stories to be told and new functionalities to learn, it’s really a time to buckle up for what’s to come.

“I know, I know – license and registration”

Relax – we only want to see your registration. Click here to reserve your spot!

Did you attend Velocity 2018, or are you a first-timer this year? What topics are most interested in learning more about?

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