But it doesn’t thrill us half as much as talking feet-to-feet.

With summer finally upon us and the Coronavirus pandemic scaling back, so many of us are thrilled to be able to, again, hug our loved ones, BBQ in small gatherings and head back into the world. Maybe you’ll even find yourself dancing cheek-to-cheek!

While the woods may be clearing, you’re probably noticing that business-as-usual is still not actually resuming as usual. Restaurants and retails stores are still taking social-distancing precautions and setting up sanitation stations. Many organizations, even with the green light to re-open office spaces, are continuing remote operations. Parades, sporting events and community pools remain closed.

And, as much as we’d love to see you in-person, we too must do what’s best to continue protecting ourselves and one another from a second wave of Covid-19. Sadly, this includes forgoing this year’s in-person conferences for more virtual engagements.

But I Don’t Enjoy It Half as Much as Conferencing Seat-to-Seat…

Trust us, neither do we.

For many of our customers and partners, summer is a seasonably enjoyable time for travel. This is especially true to when talking court tech and “all that jazz” in New Orleans, or putting on our walking boots to sightsee Tennessee during CommunityLive’s TNO.

But, at least for this year, we’re making do in the “virtually” safest (see what we did there?) way possible.

That Charm About You Will Carry Me Through

While our means for doing business may be changing, one thing is constant: our people, and our reputably punchy personality. In the spirit of Louis Armstrong, we’ll call this “charm.”

Coming soon to your email Inbox will be invitations to join all your charmingly familiar ImageSoft faces for some laughs and lots of chats about, well, what to do next in the future of remote Justice. Topics include:

  • Explaining “remote justice” and its various components
  • Remote and mobile options that keep us prepared and our documents secured, including Cloud hosting and sharing
  • What exactly is Digital Evidence Management?
  • All the E’s: eFiling (today v. 10 years ago), eArraignment, eSignatures and eForms
  • This little thing called the Law Enforcement Agency Portal (“LEAP”)
  • Low-code, easily stood-up platforms for remote court hearings, etc.

Did we forget anything? If there’s a hot-button topic you’d like to add to the conversation, we’d love to hear it. Message us on webchat, reach out to your Rep, message us here, or strike up a social conversation on LinkedIn.

I’m Still Finding That Happiness I Seek…

When we’re all together, even on-screen, hearing each other speak. 

Not being able to gather in new and exciting places doesn’t mean you have to miss out – it just means we’re bringing the joy to you! Through webinars, podcasts, guest-written blogs, informative collateral and more, we promise to give you the innovation, guidance and supportive community you’ve come to expect from our usual events.

In a way, this remote environment allows you to have your ice-cream cake and eat it too! Summer booked with vacations, PTO and other plans? You don’t have to miss out on the conversation like you would if it were a reserved event. These engagements work around your schedule and are available when you have the time to tune in. Regardless if you attend live webinars, all registrants receive a copy of the recording, so just sign up and you’re all set. Blogs and podcasts are always readily available on our website. And, of course, we’re always available to chat.

And because these “events” are always free, we hope you’ll forward these opportunities and information along to others who also may benefit.

Talk soon, friends.

— The ImageSoft Family

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