Spring has sprung, and many people are ready to plant their gardens. It’s the season of flowers, veggies, and greenery, but that’s not the only thing you can grow this spring – Grow your organization by implementing upgraded solutions! After a long winter, now is the time to get motivated and start making significant changes within your company. Watch as your efforts toward a more modern organization help your business and team flourish like the flowers in a well-tended garden. Here are a few upgraded solutions to consider if you want to plant the seeds of success.

If you work in a Court, upgrade your Digital Evidence Management and Document Filing Processes.

Are you looking to grow your court? ImageSoft has the perfect upgraded solutions to get you back in the game and on top of the latest trends. Our court solutions are highly secure, with multiple security measures such as encryption, 2-factor authentication, and password protection. Our court products are designed to grow the organization to the next level and keep up with changing digital demands. 

The first area to grow your expertise is Evidence Management – Digital Evidence Management, to be exact. It’s said, 90% or more cases brought to court include at least one piece of digital evidence. Legacy systems are unfortunately not equipped to handle multimedia formats, thus leaving old-fashioned courts in the dust. Implementing a Digital Evidence Management tool like Vault will improve access to exhibits, protect all files by storing them in a centralized location, and avoid delays caused by trying to play back various formats in court. You will grow your court by speeding up the process and adding the capabilities required for modern trials. 

A woman standing at a Clerk's Office window waiting to file documents.

The second upgraded solution is TrueFiling/TrueFiling Review, a two-part system for eFiling. TrueFiling handles any case type, and documents can be submitted with just a click to participating courts. TrueFiling aids filers by providing a platform for electronically submitting documents and fees within the platform. Once submitted through TrueFiling, the documents are available to the courts instantaneously via TrueFiling Review, our web-based filing review solution. From TrueFiling Review, court clerks and judges can review, electronically sign and stamp documents. Once documents are approved/rejected,  the stamped copies are sent to the filer and the court’s CMS system. Court personnel can even generate fee reports from within the system so data is available whenever needed. 

If you’re a Government entity, upgraded solutions for signature collection and document management are unmatched.

Not all plants thrive under the same conditions, and neither do organizations. What works for a court won’t necessarily translate well in a government setting. Luckily, ImageSoft offers government solutions that are precisely what you need to grow.

The first upgraded solution for government agencies is TrueSign for Advanced Electronic Signatures. Since we’ve adapted to hybrid or remote work life, there’s been a rising expectation for digital versions of standard processes. For governments, this is felt substantially in the signature collection process. Almost every piece of paper passing through a government agency will need a signature at one point. There’s no need to wait around for schedules to magically line up or for snail mail to arrive – send over a document in TrueSign and receive a signature back in a few clicks. One of the best things about TrueSign is its ability to transform any mobile device or computer into a signature pad. Internal and external users have the same experience of signing, dragging and dropping, and submitting. TrueSign will grow your organization with easy processes, reduced turnaround time, and automatic digital certificates.

Government agencies should also consider upgraded solutions like OnBase, an Enterprise Information Management tool for businesses large and small. OnBase can be utilized in countless ways across different departments. In terms of what OnBase can do for government entities, consider the following:

  • Back Office organization/automation
  • Workflow creation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Inspection assistance
  • Record and data management
  • Vendor and contract management
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Cross-departmental communication

OnBase is an incredibly versatile solution that can be configured to meet your exact needs. ImageSoft is proud to be a Platinum Elite OnBase Partner, and we’re ready to help you make the switch and grow your Government agency. 

If you work in Insurance, upgrade to Online Dispute Resolution, and introduce a better asset management system to your organization with Vault.

Insurance is a flourishing industry in and of itself, but there are ways to make it even better! Thanks to upgraded solutions, the Insurance sector is one of the leaders in adopting new technology. By implementing new solutions, you are sure to grow exponentially in no time.

One upgraded solution you should consider is Resolve Disputes Online (RDO), an Online Dispute Resolution platform. RDO increases access to justice by bringing settlement options to people’s homes and offices. RDO supports online mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and asynchronous trials to help insurance companies settle disputes without setting foot in a courtroom. Resolve Disputes Online is a robust system with built-in security including encryption, in-platform sharing, payment processing, and more. All discussion is held virtually, freeing up hours and saving thousands on court fees associated with making a physical appearance. Get claims settled faster and watch your team take on more clients than ever!

Two hands holding a smartphone taking a picture of a front end car crash

Another upgraded solution insurance agencies should consider implementing is our Vault solution. We’ve already discussed Vault in the Court setting, but its capabilities are also valuable in the insurance sector. Namely, Vault can normalize and share video files to swiftly get them into the hands of the claims department. It’s common knowledge that many insurance agencies still rely on legacy systems, and outdated processes involving the creation and handing off of physical videos or DVDs, or using third-party apps to import, share, and export the file. Vault provides a secure solution because once digital content has been uploaded, it never leaves the system. Insurers can collect digital assets, upload them from nearly any device, and send them to the claims department for viewing directly within the platform. 

So, are you ready to grow your organization? The upgraded solutions we’ve discussed are only a few of the many products and services ImageSoft offers. All products are highly configurable so they can be molded into what you need to reach your goals. No matter where you are or what the climate, ImageSoft is guaranteed to grow your business. If you’d like to learn more about ImageSoft, please visit https://imagesoftinc.com. To request a demo or to ask questions, reach out to us. Happy spring!

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