Authored by James Leneschmidt, Chief Technology Officer, ImageSoft

One of my family’s favorite vacations was Germany. There was just something so amazing about seeing the castles, the history and the culture. Driving on the Autobahn was also quite the experience compared to our North American highways, but to drive fast requires a tremendous amount of concentration and, after some time at the wheel, you’re ready to take a break. 

The same principle goes for me as a Chief Technology Officer. Technology moves at breakneck speeds whether it’s new developments or new threats. So many things being thrown at you requires a high level of concentration and sometimes split-second decisions. When your information technology moves at break neck speeds, you soon find that you need a break.  

And for me, that’s Hyland’s annual CommunityLIVE conference (this year in Cleveland, so no fast driving there). It’s like an off ramp from the high-speed grind to slow down and catch up with our customers and other industry leaders without the stress of being in the moment. When you’re driving at triple digit speeds, you must take a longer view of the road ahead because that speck in the distance might loom large in seconds. Technology is often the same way – the things we’re talking about for tomorrow sometimes come much faster than we expect. You’re reading an article today on some new idea and tomorrow, your internal and external customers are asking when you can deliver.  

It’s a little analog, but the fun of the roadside stop is to look at a map and see where you are in relation to the overall geography. When you’re barreling down the road, your GPS only gives you a minimal picture — just like running from meeting to meeting and rapidly responding to emails. The context of all your decisions and projects is regained when you can look at a map and get a better vision of where you are and where you’re going.  

One of the things I often see is that people don’t understand how powerful and flexible their OnBase system is and how it can solve many of the department challenges that users think they need to purchase another system to solve. For certain, OnBase cannot solve every problem but it certainly solves more than many realize. And if you can solve 90 percent of your needs with an existing platform that also has organizational benefits, it may make more sense than the idealized solution that claims to do everything. Every time you add another software application, you increase your silos, your administrative overhead, and your security risk. It also makes it difficult to give executives visibility into your operations. Looking at that broader map is what helps to put those departmental demands into perspective, and a conference like CommunityLIVE does exactly that.  

Every trip always ends tired from all the exploration with more promises to explore more on the next trip – the discovery never ends. Neither does it end for those organizations that have deployed OnBase. That’s why so many of our customers and I value CommunityLIVE. If you have a vision – someone probably has realized it. If you’re in need of one, they’ll provide it for you.  

New platform features, new business challenges and new ideas provide a never-ending journey that’s both exciting and fulfilling. I hope to see you there in September!  

— James  

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