How about those Kansas City Chiefs?  

Steve Glisky, ImageSoft

Regardless of which team had your vote, the Chiefs and the 49ers played a pretty strong game. I think we can all agree that the transformation in the game’s last 10 minutes, however, was the hallmark of Superbowl 2020. Watching players, all with different strengths, strategize and leverage the best in one another to go from “losing the game” to Superbowl LIV Champions in such a short timeframe is quite the feat.  

Admiring the Chiefs’ quick turnaround, I couldn’t help but compare it to the similar, almost instant transformation I’ve been seeing in more and more courts as they digitalize with the component model approach. With interoperability coaching, courts are drafting best-in-class components to design a winning game plan that serves both their current and future needs. Cherry-picking capabilities means courts don’t have to bear the time and expense of ripping and replacing current case management systems, and that each step of digital transformation can be accounted for – no blind spots. Coupling that with highly-configureable, user-friendly processes and the seamless integrations courts need to exchange information with jails, Child Support Enforcement Offices and other external agencies, there has been little to no discrepancy on moving cases and proceedings toward the goal line.  

As you think about leading your court toward a more accessible, integrated future, I hope you will consider studying the Component Model’s strategy for becoming an efficiency titleholder. And just to break in your cleats, we’ve provided you with quite a few resources for familiarizing yourself with the Component Model’s champion plays. 

In the spirit of Superbowl 2020, 


What’s the Status?

The eFiling status, that is. What does eFiling look like in your state? The National Center for State Courts can tell you on its state-by-state eFiling Program Status List.

Touchdown: The Winning Play-by-Play Championing All Court Cases

Much like how a winning team is made up of hand-picked players best-suited to fill specific positions, the Component Model approach for court case management is successful because it allows courts to cherry-pick and “snap on” only the functionalities and components that serve their needs.   

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How Yakima County Benefits from eFiling and a (Nearly) 100% Paperless Court

For years, ImageSoft has been delivering on the promises of the Component Model even before it was written. Listen to Therese Murphy, from Yakima County District Court, discuss how they implemented eFiling and while keeping their case management system and how the integrated workflow dramatically improved their court processes.

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Want to Save $30 Million?

Collectively, Florida lawyers just did – and without even trying.  

A recent publication from The Florida Bar reported the state’s lawyers have saved an estimated $30 million since transitioning from traditional paper filings to electronic filings (eFiling). The catch? The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority reported that number doesn’t account for the savings in staff’s time or the cost of paper – only postage.  

Don’t get us wrong – $30 million in potage savings is staggering. But it’s a common opportunity for us to see lawyers and courts save this kind of money, plus some. In their case study, the Yakima County District Court even used a chart to identify where its more than $40,000 in savings were coming from. From personnel time and printing to postage and office supplies, we’ve seen eFiling pay for itself in just the few years. Part of this is also because, in addition to the cut costs, law firms and courts who leverage eFiling eliminate bottlenecks and find themselves processing more cases in less time.  

Want to learn more about filing away inefficiencies and banking more savings? Here is some background info to get you started on the path to “smiling through eFiling.”  

What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides courts through the various challenges of becoming a paperless court. Our industry-leading solutions offer a component model methodology to automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your court system reap the benefits from digital transformation. 

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