TrueSign has proven itself to be one of the best electronic signature tools available today. Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure user experience (UX) is top-of-the-line because everyone should be able to use technology reliably in their business. Part of building the best UX possible was including a Document Template Library. Today, we want to go into detail about this incredible feature and explain why it’s been so valuable throughout the public sector.

What is the Document Template Library?

As the name suggests, TrueSign’s Document Template Library is a place to store templates of frequently-used documents. For example, if your organization is constantly sending subpoenas, you can create a ready-to-send template to avoid recreating the form multiple times daily. Some organizations also leverage the Library to save very large or complex documents that were time-consuming to set up. You may not send them out regularly, but when you do, you can save a few hours in your day by selecting the pre-saved template. All documents you choose to store are held securely within a cloud environment. No other organizations can access your templates, nor can unauthorized users. We understand many public sector documents contain sensitive information, so security was top of mind while developing the template storage system.

How does the Document Template Library work?

Any authorized internal user on your account can easily create templates. You can start editing once a digital document is uploaded to the TrueSign system. Our designer has multiple tools available to help create fields for the signer to fill out. Fields can be added by dragging and dropping the desired element from the sidebar. Although we are called TrueSign, we accommodate a lot more interaction with documents, including:

  • Time and date
  • Electronic stamps
  • Initial signing
  • Checkboxes
  • Freeform text responses
  • Full name

Each element can be placed exactly where you want it within the document. To keep things organized and professional, you can resize fields to fit precisely in blank spaces left in the original document for filling in information. Fields can be set to “required” to ensure no documents are returned without complete information. Once you’re happy with the templated version, you can save it to your Library. It will then be available for future use – with the option to edit the template if necessary.

What makes the Document Template Library special?

We have always seen the need for a convenient way to save files, so creating a solid template designer was very important to us. Our team built in lots of great features that save time and hassle.

  • Drag and Drop: As we mentioned, the template designer adds fields via drag and drop. This is an extremely user-friendly way to fill out your form, that anyone can do. Other electronic signature platforms have much more complex menus to add fields, and getting lost in the shuffle is easy. Everyone is familiar with drag and drop, so even the least tech-savvy person on your team can start building electronic templates like a pro.
  • Secure Sending: Once a template is ready to be sent out, you can feel confident that it will stay confidential until the intended recipient opens it. TrueSign allows you to send internally and externally, meaning it can be your organization’s single eSignature tool for continuity and convenience.
  • Save Multiple Versions: The Document Template Library empowers the designer to save multiple document versions. This is ideal if you want different variations available. The original copy is always saved, so you can easily create new templates from scratch.
  • Easy Organization: Much like a real library, the Template Library is designed to be organized for easy searching. Each template is named according to your organization’s standards, and the complete list of templates can be searched to pull up the exact document you need quickly. There’s no need to rifle through stacks of paper; type in part of the name and let TrueSign call up the template for you.
  • Editing Options: Along with saving multiple versions, comes the option to edit existing templates. Users can go in and make edits as needed should anything change on the document. A common example is a contract in which checkboxes are used for services. Users can check off the appropriate boxes before sending without making a new template. All other fields remain intact and ready for information.

What can the Document Template Library do for the public sector?

Anyone who works in the Government or Justice System will tell you how much paperwork is involved in getting anything done. Some important checks and balances need to be kept, and a paper trail is a tried and true way of tracking the progress of a project. TrueSign allows government agencies to drastically reduce their paper usage by moving to an online environment. That said, dozens, if not hundreds, of forms, are being sent back and forth weekly. The Document Template Library allows staff to send forms in as little as one click. Because the form is sent directly to a person’s email, they can sign in real-time on their phone, tablet, or computer. Electronic signing is proven to reduce delays because it is far more convenient for both sender and recipient.

A few examples of documents used in the public sector that could be saved as templates include invoices, contracts, subpoenas, warrant requests, incident reports, permit requests, licensing documentation, agreements, and more. Every facet of government requires sign-off at some point, and TrueSign is the only tool you’ll need.

TrueSign guarantees a positive UX for users of any age or technical level. It is cloud-based, highly secure, and mobile-friendly. All collected signatures are digitally certified for authenticity and completed forms send automatic status updates to inform users when the project can move to the next phase. Consider adding TrueSign to your compliant digital solutions if you’re a government agency. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a demo to see the platform in action. We look forward to hearing from you!

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