Lawyers are some of the most detail-oriented and innovative people you’ll ever meet. After earning a Bachelor’s, anyone wanting to become a lawyer can be prepared for three to four years of additional schooling. Law school requires complete focus and unwavering dedication. Whether they ultimately decide to focus on Prosecution or Defense, lawyers have substantial work ahead of them that is often complex, time-consuming, and at times frustrating. Luckily, there are digital solutions available to Defense Attorneys (DAs) and Prosecutors that can assist with some of their workloads, leaving them more time to build a case and work with clients. There are countless options available for digital solutions, but some have proven to be very popular in the justice community.

Digital Evidence Management Solution– Vault

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One of the most tedious and stressful tasks DAs and Prosecutors face is discovery. This is the period before a trial where lawyers collect and analyze evidence to build a case. With traditional systems, discovery occurs in-office but involves travel to obtain physical pieces of evidence from third parties or the opposition.

In the last few years, Digital Evidence Management has taken the law community by storm offering 24/7 access to a secure, digital database. Vault is ImageSoft’s proprietary Digital Evidence Management solution designed to make evidence more accessible throughout the duration of a case. All materials are stored digitally in the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to free up valuable space in law offices across the nation.

Vault is very intuitive and benefits DAs and Prosecutors from discovery through verdict. Files of nearly any size and in most formats can be uploaded remotely, organized, reviewed, and played back in-platform. Vault is a lawyer’s best friend when it comes to managing evidence and having reliable access to it while building a case.

Electronic Case Files – The Paperless Prosecutor Digital Solution

Prosecutors and DAs can also benefit from Electronic Case File systems. As you might deduce from the name, Electronic Case Files take cases and makes them digital. Rather than handling boxes or binders of information, everything is added and stored in a virtual library. The Paperless Prosecutor Solution helps lawyers streamline their process. By crafting digital workflows, you can automate the entire charging process so warrants, evidence, or other case pieces are routed where and to whom they need to go. Prosecutors also appreciate workflows for their integration capabilities.

We’ve designed our workflows to integrate seamlessly with new or existing case management systems as well as each state’s warrant/criminal code manual to quickly and accurately find charge codes. You can also integrate with court calendars so electronic notifications will alert Prosecutors of changes to schedules, cancellations, closings, and more.

In addition to workflows, Electronic Case Files also offer electronically prepared and sent subpoenas and can synchronize case files with court dockets. During the trial, Prosecutors can pull up information in real-time as needed, and all documents will automatically be sent to the appropriate court personnel after the hearing is complete.

Law Enforcement Agency Portal – LEAP

The Law Enforcement Agency Portal (LEAP) is not just for Law Enforcement. In fact, it is a digital solution developed to help DAs and Prosecutors communicate with Law Enforcement. Agencies handle loads of paperwork and files each day. By the time they’re done, it takes even longer to communicate the information with lawyers. There’s usually a delay in getting warrants or petitions authorized due to the lengthy process taking place on the police end of things. This is why ImageSoft developed LEAP; a web-based portal that provides direct communication between law enforcement agencies and the prosecuting attorney’s office. LEAP offers:

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  • Electronic warrant requests and submissions
  • Evidence management
  • Subpoena management
  • Discovery support
  • Secure communication

LEAP can be used as part of CJIS compliant solutions thanks to superior security. All communication is automatically tracked and recorded, providing a full audit trail and offering greater transparency. As the case progresses, LEAP will automatically notify Law Enforcement of any status updates from the Prosecutor including pre-trial notes, preliminary exams, trials, and appeals.

Digital Solution for Signatures – TrueSign

If there’s one thing DAs and Prosecutors do a lot of, it’s signing documents. Just about everything needs authorization when it comes to the Justice System including warrants, subpoenas, submitted evidence, statements, and more. Rather than waste hours signing by hand, attorneys can switch to TrueSign and create electronic signatures. TrueSign is backed by digital certification, ensuring that all collected signatures are legitimate and represent an individual’s intent to sign. For court documents, this extra check is imperative to maintaining the integrity of the case.

Because of the digital certificate and the state-of-the-art encryption, TrueSign can be used in regulation-compliant solutions. TrueSign offers a reliable and convenient way to sign important case documents in real-time without leaving the office. The TrueSign platform saves your digital signature, so it can be easily placed into documents that need your approval. You can use TrueSign to request signatures from others as well via email, text, or QR code. There’s no special signing device necessary, and any smartphone can become a signature pad. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Mobile signing
  • Document template library
  • Real-time signing over video calls
  • Automatic audits
  • Digital certification
  • Easy-organize envelope signing

As you can see, Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors have many digital solution options available to them. Lawyers have a lot of work on their plate, and implementing a digital solution can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. With more courts moving to remote or in-person hybrid models, utilizing technology is proving beneficial to law offices across the US. ImageSoft is proud to work with attorneys, and we are dedicated to offering scalable and affordable technology to those who need it.

Clear off your desk, free up your to-do list, and spend more time building cases rather than working through lengthy legacy processes. You’ll be able to take on more cases and give them the energy they deserve with fewer delays and defaults. Learn more about ImageSoft’s digital solutions for the Justice System at

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