We are now in the throws of summer! July is typically peak vacation and travel season, meaning you can expect a lot of “out of offices,” delayed responses, and changing schedules. In fact, around three quarters of Americans report having vacation plans for the summer. Perhaps you are one of the millions with time off scheduled on your work calendar. It’s wonderful to take time off and leave work behind for short trips, but longer getaways can be challenging for employees in certain industries. The Justice System is one such case where being totally out of pocket long-term isn’t always an option.  

Just because you work in the Justice System doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get away this summer. Thanks to digital solutions, you can have access to work on-the-go! Stay connected for emergencies while you’re on a short-term trip or feel confident working from your lake house for the season. These tools are designed to work seamlessly out of office, giving you the freedom to travel as you please. You can complete tasks from the road no matter where the summer takes you. If you have internet access, you can make anywhere your office – a beach house, a cruise ship, a hotel, an RV, etc. Let’s take a look at a few of the digital solutions that make truly remote work possible for the Justice System. 

      • TrueFiling for eFiling: Need to file on-the-go? No problem! TrueFiling is accessible from mobile devices for uploading and reviewing files from anywhere. Clerks, Admins, Attorneys, and other Justice System personnel can log into the secure platform and get their filing done in just minutes. There is no travel required, no in-office appointments, and no mail delivery. TrueFiling is simple to use and can be integrated with existing systems to create a seamless process. Because all filings are digital, there’s no need to confine yourself to the office.  
      • TrueSign for Electronic Signatures: If there’s one thing the Justice System relies on, it’s signatures. After all, nearly all court documents require official approval, often denoted in the form of a signature. However, sending and receiving signatures can be time-consuming and frustrating. Snail mail is slow and unreliable, and in-person meet-ups require both parties to be in the office or in the immediate area. Thanks to systems like TrueSign, you can sign documents from anywhere. Any mobile device can be transformed into a signature pad for real-time signing with just a swipe of your finger. You can also access TrueSign to check the status of signatures you’ve requested to keep track of where you are in the process. If you save your signature, signing is as simple as one click, meaning you can sign exponentially more documents in a fraction of the time. You can also elect to use proxy signing, where you designate someone in your organization to sign on your behalf.  Spend less of your summer dealing with signatures so you can spend more time by the pool, at the beach, or with your family.  
      • Vault for Digital Evidence Management: If you can’t seem to stay away from work, Vault might be exactly what you need. You can keep up with evidence in real-time via the digital platform. Upload anything new, review approved exhibits, recall past cases, and build a case from wherever the day takes you. Work from home for an extended period of time, head out on a road trip, or visit your cousins a few states over. Regardless of where you are, Vault is accessible via mobile and backed by Government-level security so you can feel confident using various internet networks.  

So, if you’re looking to have more flexibility this summer, consider implementing some digital solutions. The Justice System is fast-paced environment and personnel deserve a break. Get a change of scenery without going off the grid for those days you need to work. Having the freedom to vacation is wonderful, especially when tools make it possible to extend said vacation and still work. Remember, take a true break when you need it, but don’t feel trapped in the office all summer long.

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What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides courts through the various challenges of becoming a paperless court. Our industry-leading solutions offer a component model methodology to automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your court system reap the benefits from digital transformation. 

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