Welcome to the Dating Game of Tech! We’re your host, ImageSoft. Congratulations on being selected as our lucky contestant on this special Valentine’s Day edition. Behind this wall are three technology solutions hoping to get the chance to assist you with reaching goals and exceeding expectations. Let’s play The Dating Game! 

Firstly, let’s meet our tech solutions! 

Contestant #1 is Vault, our very own Digital Evidence Management solution. Vault is a newcomer to the scene, but is ready to jump right in and start making the life of Justice System personnel more convenient than ever. Vault loves all things multimedia, and is your one-stop-shop for managing digital evidence. 

Contestant #2 is TrueFiling, a veteran in the game with plenty to offer. TrueFiling gets along with everyone from Clerks to Admins to Prosecutors to Judges. When asked what TrueFiling does when off the clock, there was no response. Why? Because TrueFiling is accessible 24/7 and is always ready for the job. 

Contestant #3 is Resolve Disputes Online (RDO) who has been making quite a splash recently. RDO is a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll soon see that they are great at what they do and will do anything to lend a helping hand. RDO thinks AI is the future and is a firm believer is equal opportunity when it comes to justice. 

Now, let’s get started! 

Contestant #1, what would you say is your biggest strength? 
I would say my biggest strength is my versatility. I’m known for securely storing confidential information for the Justice System, but I do so much more behind the scenes. What many people don’t know about me is that I’m a pro at organization and management. I’m quite the multitasker if I do say so myself and I regularly manage a variety of multimedia files at any one time. To push myself to be even more versatile, I learned how to normalize files into formats that everyone can understand and review. And, since I’m already storing the information anyway, I decided to take on the role of playing back evidence files as well. Thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking, parties can review and playback evidence from a single device, rather than relying on two or three different players. Because I’m so versatile, I’m always up for a challenge and look forward to learning even more.  

Contestant #2, same question. 
My biggest strength is definitely my efficiency. I believe in working smart, not hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to long and busy days, but I refuse to settle for processes that take time away from everyone involved for no reason. I’m committed to offering court personnel the most convenience possible through my technical prowess. No one should spend hours travelling to an office to file hardcopy documents anymore. We’re in the 21st Century and we have digital options! I’m honored to be part of the transformation for so many in the Justice System and if you choose me I won’t let you down. I’m so dedicated that you can reach me 24/7 for whatever you need! 

And finally, Contestant #3, what say you? 

I like to think that I’m good during tense situations. I’m always willing to listen to both sides of a story to help those involved reach a compromise. Sometimes, I just handle the exchanges of information, but other times I put my Artificial Intelligence to work and handle disputes all by myself. I’ve helped a lot of people get justice that would typically be out of reach for them. Knowing things are tense as it is, I don’t see a need for drawing out the process or making it extremely expensive for anyone. We all just want to settle the dispute and get back to normal life as quickly as possible.  

Contestant #1, please describe your ideal match. 

In all honesty, I wouldn’t say I have a “type.” I care about everyone in the Justice System, and am thrilled to be of use to any of them. But, if I had to pick, I’d say I have a solid track record with Prosecutors, Clerks, and Judges who appreciate how organized I am with evidence files they need and how much I’m able to help them through the whole process. 

Contestant #2, how about you? 

I’m also happy to help anyone, but my ideal match would be court clerks and admins. We’ve just worked really well as a pair in the past. In fact, I’ve been told once or twice that I was built to be with people in those roles! We always share similar interests so I’m able to help them with work all the time. I am a master of paperwork after all, and for some reason, clerks and admins jump at the chance to pass off what they call “tedious” work to me.  

And finally, let’s hear from you, Contestant #3!  

I’m a Prosecution or Attorney type of tech for sure. Like Contestant #2, we just make sense together. I would say my specific type is mediators, but everyone needs a dispute settled now and then. What I care about most in a partner is how they feel about making justice more accessible. As I said, that’s a big mission of mine, so I’d prefer to work with someone who’s on the same page.  


Thank you very much, contestants! The time has come to choose your perfect match. Could Contestant #1 be the tech of your dreams and help you digitalize criminal cases you’re involved with? Maybe you like Contestant #2 because you prefer to stay in and do things the efficient way even if it’s not what you’re used to. Or maybe you’re leaning towards Contestant #3, a master of mediation and the ever-ready unbiased third party to arguments.   

Good news! On this special Valentine’s Day episode, you don’t have to pick just one tech solution! If you like what you’ve heard, feel free to name all three as winners and get your digital transformation rolling. If you need more information about these contestants and others waiting backstage, please reach out to us at contactus@imagesoftinc.com.   

Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be happy with your decision. It was lovely having you on the show and we look forward to hearing how our tech solutions are working out for you!  

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