We are proud to offer a variety of Court solutions to jurisdictions across the United States. While the Justice System is far from our only industry, it has always held a special place in our hearts, and we have worked closely with professionals to develop our Court-centric solutions. ImageSoft is in the efficiency business, and that includes thinking ahead to find ways to bring multiple solutions together to create a seamless process. When it comes to our Court solutions, we have that covered. Let’s take a look at how our Court solutions can work together for any jurisdiction looking to modernize several processes at once.

Everything goes back to OnBase (if you want it to)

It only makes sense to kick this post off by discussing OnBase, an Enterprise Content Management platform from Hyland Software. ImageSoft is a proud Hyland Platinum Partner, and we have helped bring OnBase to Courts for decades. OnBase can be implemented and become the “command center” for all other Court solutions. As a standalone product, OnBase is an extremely powerful and valuable tool. For Courts, it can be trusted for data collection and storage, process automation, document management/retention, admin assistance, and more. When paired with ImageSoft products, OnBase can be leveraged to get the most bang for your buck. Using the OnBase API , we can offer you more customization options to develop processes that meet your exact needs including integration with other applications.

Streamline signature collection with TrueSign

TrueSign TrueSign is one of the original ImageSoft Court solutions. Used across multiple industries, it has definitely found its place within the Justice System. Anyone who works in Courts understands the importance of getting documents signed – no signature, no admittance. However, the traditional process of sending documents to signers and having them mailed or faxed back can be confusing and time-consuming. Add to that the fact that many organizations or individuals are working remotely, and you have a recipe for delays. TrueSign is an Electronic Signature Platform that allows you yo create ready-to-sign documents that are sent out electronically. Even if the signer is not a registered TrueSign user, they can access a link via email and instantly transform their mobile device or computer into a signature pad. The returned documents can then be sent securely to the OnBase system or other repository for the next stage in the process. TrueSign is easy to integrate with OnBase and other applications and makes managing documents convenient by keeping them in one place.

File and process Court documents electronically with TrueFiling and TrueFiling Review

Speaking of documents, we have a Court solution to help with electronic filing to the Courts. As with most things these days, people are looking for a faster and more secure way to get their filings done. Enter TrueFiling, our digital system for filing and processing Court documents from anywhere. The TrueFiling System consists of TrueFiling and TrueFiling Review. The former is the “front end” part for filers to submit documents, and the latter is our newest release for Courts to process filings. The TrueFiling system is used in conjunction with a CMS, such as OnBase, to help facilitate the movement of documents throughout the process. TrueFiling Review can be utilized for those smaller Courts that do not need a complex workflow system. Rather than send filings for review to OnBase, TrueFiling Review allows courts to access filed documents in a web-based portal for real-time review and processing. Once a decision has been made, the documents can be sent on their way through the existing CMS to the next step in the workflow.

Store and playback multimedia evidence with Vault

One Court solution we knew we wanted to take on was a Digital Evidence Management system. Why? Well, all Courts use evidence in some form, and there are more multimedia formats being admitted each and every day. The old system of managing evidence isn’t cutting it, and finding ways to deal with video/audio recordings, computer/cellphone extracts and other complex digital files is taxing to say the least. Vault, our Digital Evidence Management system for the Courts, allows users to upload from nearly any device, and most audio/video files are normalized into viewable and streamable formats. That way, come trial day, no extra devices are required for playback. Vault can be integrated with OnBase and synced for seamless organization and storage. OnBase evidence management has limitations on file size, type, and quality, so Vault can be used to pick up the slack and handle large files of various formats. Vault also offers a robust API, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with other applications as part of a comprehensive business process. And, because scanned documents can be uploaded to Vault, you could find a crossroads between TrueSign, Vault, and maybe even TrueFiling!

Settle disputes outside of the courtroom with Resolve Disputes Online

Online Dispute Resolution provides a venue where disputes can be talked about and even settled without the need for formal court intervention.  If you’re attempting to settle a dispute out of Court, you can turn to Resolve Disputes Online (RDO). RDO provides a secure platform that allows parties to attempt to negotiate resolution of a dispute either directly with each other or via the assistance of a mediator and/or arbitrator – digitally from the comfort of home while having instant access to everything they need.   Involved parties have access to in-platform tools such as messaging, secure file sharing, task management, video conferencing and more to assist them in reaching resolution.   A built-in settlement and judgment builder enables parties to make offers directly or through the mediator allowing the dispute to be settled and avoiding a trial. Court solutions like this free up the Court for high-profile or complex cases, especially criminal cases. Of course, the users of RDO come out on top too because the process is faster than traditional in-court resolution and is traditionally less expensive.

In summary, our Court solutions work together in several ways:

  • All products can be integrated with OnBase or similar systems as part of your existing business processes
  • A document can be sent for signature with TrueSign, then filed via TrueFiling
  • Evidence can be submitted directly to Vault or can be submitted via the TrueFiling interface at the same time that filings are submitted to the Court
  • Files and evidence provided by parties involved in a dispute with RDO can be easily transferred to OnBase or other applications
  • All data can be saved in OnBase-compatible formats and stored in the OnBase system for future reference

If you’re in the market for a Court solution, ImageSoft is the place to go. We offer tools that cover the gauntlet to ensure each Court receives the capabilities it needs to overcome challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about any  ImageSoft products, please visit https://imagesoftinc.com/. You can also reach out to the team for additional information or to schedule a free, live demo. We look forward to speaking with you!

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