The magic quadrant, that is.  

When you’ve been in partnership with another organization for more than 20 years, it’s reasonable to assume you know a lot about each other. You grow to expect certain things, like private Third Eye Blind performances at customer events and presentations around Swiss Army Knives.  

And then there are things that never cease to amaze. 

“What’s next?” seems to have become a hallmark of our two-decade partnership with Hyland. Always a pioneer on the cusp of process automation, we’re never surprised when Hyland rings in to say they are, once again, venturing into uncharted territory. The amazing part comes as they foresee the potential of these not-yet spoken concepts and then revolutionize them to transform and elevate organizations across the globe. So although we’re astonished by our friend’s leadership, we were not at all surprised when John Phelan, Hyland’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, announced that 2019 marks the tenth consecutive year that the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform Report has positioned Hyland as a “Leader in enterprise content management (ECM) and content services.” 

A mouthful, we know. In a nutshell, Hyland received an award for doing their job extremely well. And we’re saying, “Congrats, buddy!”  

So, “What’s Next?”  

For our friend Hyland? The specifics are anyone’s guess – we know it won’t disappoint.  But for our customers? For organizations looking to modernize processes and skyrocket productivity? It has a lot to do with content services.   

According to Gartner, content services is “The practice of content management, collaboration and dissemination that is best-enabled through a set of services that coordinate content usage by all parties — users, systems and applications.” Another mouthful – we know.  

Here’s the definition we’ve come to understand and the goal we, in partnership with Hyland, strive for: an evolution from siloed processes, information containers and standard ECM suites to a holistic, integrative approach to the lifecycle of content with a focus on purpose, rather than storage. 

Another step in the digital transformation journey of business processes, content services is your information’s vehicle out of repositories and toward purpose in organizational governance and processing. It stands on integrated platforms complete with document management, full-text searches, indexing, capture, records management and more. It lends itself to business solution-focused capabilities, such as contract management for DOTs. And it sets organizations up for expanded service components, such as translating English to Italian or automatically tagging content.  

Can’t Keep Calm about Content Services? 

Neither can we.  

Contact your ImageSoft rep or ping us on webchat to learn more about content services, how it can serve your business needs and where we can help.  

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