The United States Government is a complex ecosystem that involves numerous branches, and even more departments. All the cogs need to work in perfect unison for the system to function smoothly as a whole. In today’s fast-paced world, digital solutions are the best way to stay on track. While implementing new technology can be daunting and intimidating, there’s no need for government personnel to worry. There are solutions available designed with government organizations in mind that are user-friendly, well-supported, and compatible with existing business applications.

The public sector has many rules and regulations it must follow when completing most tasks. Government technology solutions are crafted to comply with these requirements so that staff can streamline processes, lighten their workload, and become more efficient. Keep in mind that each organization is different, so it’s common for two departments to need different solutions to provide them the greatest benefit. Today, we’ll break down some of our most popular government solutions by department to demonstrate how we can accommodate various goals and needs.

The Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for maintaining public safety. It’s a tall order that involves countless moving parts. DOC employees are often responsible for a laundry list of tasks that must be completed regularly. From back-office maintenance to filing to evidence management, the DOC has a lot on its plate. Luckily, several digital solutions exist to help the Department of Corrections get started down the path to digital transformation. Some of these solutions include:

  • Electronic Signatures: Where there is paperwork, there are signatures. Contracts, forms, licenses, testimonies, and other legal documents require signatures to validate them and represent an intent to sign. Wet signatures have typically been used, but they’ve become slower and more challenging to obtain in recent years. Travel and mail delays can slow down processes, or even grind them to a halt. Electronic signatures allow users to sign documents digitally from their home, office, hotel, or car. Mobile devices can be transformed into signature pads with TrueSign, enabling users to keep things moving while complying to HIPPA, CJIS, and other government regulations.
  • Enterprise Content Management
    • Probation Case Management: A case management solution designed specifically for probation cases. Paperless case management and digital workflows serve the complete cycle of a case, including offboarding. Automated checklists and follow-up prompts, easy data entry, and mobile access to case files support probation officers in staying connected with probationers and ensuring their success.
    • Administration and HR: Back office processes that integrate seamlessly with new and existing systems to provide paperless admin and HR work. Manage files, create tasks, view progress, share securely, and more from a single platform.
    • Prison Management: Centralize and monitor all prison/jail to-dos in a 360-degree environment. Keep track of everything from inventory to insurance information to staff training and everything between and beyond.
    • Records storage, processing, and release: Electronically streamline the Court Order process between the DOC and Court Clerks. One-click processing not only eliminates the time delay of paper, but also provides DOC users with real-time prospecting of the documents en route.

The Department of Insurance

The Department of Insurance (DOI) is a critical facet to the government system because it protects all parties in times of trouble. Both businesses and individuals have insurance. We are all familiar with insurance claims following an accident or incident. The DOI is responsible for assisting with claims, handling disputes, evaluating damages, and regulating insurance for the protection of consumers. If you’ve ever had to handle a challenge with your insurance company, you’ll understand the hours it takes as well as the paperwork involved. Imagine being on the backend and having to fill out even more forms! There are plenty of digital solutions available for the Department of Insurance to utilize on a daily basis.

  • Investigative Case Management: OnBase serves as your single, central repository for all case information, including phone calls, emails and more. Integrate with existing business applications, and securely share entire cases with prosecutors, auditors, and all other affiliated parties.
  • On-Site Audit Inspection Activity: Utilize OnBase’s mobile briefcase capability to access and capture documents, photos, and other information from on-site. Connectivity is not a prerequisite, meaning the tool can be used anywhere, funneling files into the digitalized audit system.
  • Self-Service Licensing: As a portal-type solution, OnBase allows agencies and brokers to make web accounts for their agents, cultivating a self-service environment for notifying and validating annual license renewals and continuing education certificates.

The Department of Transportation

As with other government departments, the Department of Transportation is constantly in charge of a million different things. Most notably, they are responsible for the federal infrastructure and roadways (highways and interstates). The DOT is also in charge of public transportation, providing rides via busses, trains, cars, ships, and planes. If that’s not enough, the Department of Transportation is also the leader in transportation safety standards and regulations. This includes rules regarding transporting hazardous materials, gross vehicle weight limits, driver qualification requirements, and vehicle maintenance protocol/standards. For such a diverse department, it’s beneficial to let technology handle some of the work.

  • Planning Software: Electronic workflows powered by OnBase can be integrated with Esri GIS and process applications such as IBM Maximo, Bentley ProjectWise, Azteca Cityworks, and more. Use a tablet to pull up maps, click on current locations, and populate the current list of work orders. Necessary details are filled in automatically, and you have a 360-degree view of all jobs.
  • Electronic Plan Review: Seamlessly and securely connect large design teams, even with members dotted all over the map. Notes can be taken in-platform and shared with appropriate parties via a streamlined portal. Automatic notifications prompt users to take a look at any new changes that are made.
  • Contract Management: OnBase offers superior contract management tools to help organize and stay up-to-date with all contracts. Contracting is a huge part of the DOT, and OnBase makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on relationships, contracts, and more.

Finance and Administration

The government is no stranger to financial and administrative duties and responsibilities. Like other businesses, these organizations are all responsible for paying bills, wages, rent, utilities, etc. Many government agencies also take in a substantial amount of money via grants or annual payouts. They need a team to manage all comings and goings of finances. There are also the back-office jobs that all organizations need such as HR, recruiting, secretaries, and assistants. Some of these back-office personnel wear several hats, which is why we’ve lumped finance and administration together. Digital solutions can handle repetitive and tedious tasks so that staff can focus on the bigger ticket items that need attention.

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable: Back-office processes that help manage accounts payable and receivable. Automations take away redundant tasks, superior security protects sensitive data, and in-platform communication options keep everyone on the same page. Stay notified about tasks and to-do’s, and keep your financial records accurate 24/7.
  • Agenda Management: Take the stress out of crafting agendas with Agenda Management. Easily add and remove talking points, and reorganize as needed. Share the agenda with appropriate parties so that everyone knows what’s on the docket. In today’s remote world, save time and keep things moving with Live Vote, an option for all those in a meeting to vote in real-time via touchscreen without leaving the meeting.
  • HR Workflows: A Human Resources Solution using OnBase, integrates with your Human Capital Management (HCM) systems and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) so you can maximize your employees’ effort and time. Your HR staff can retrieve employee documents and data without venturing away from their familiar interface.
  • Electronic Public Records Management: A document management solution will adapt to fit your agency’s needs for document capture and you’ll be able to handle records according to regulatory requirements and public demand. Finding specific documents takes just a few clicks, and you’ll never have to worry about documents going missing.

As you can see, there are a lot of digital solutions available to assist the various facets of the US Government. This list doesn’t even include all of the potential products that are available to you! As we said in the beginning, be mindful of which solutions would be most beneficial for your department specifically. There are also many products that will help across all departments due to the nature of the beast (OnBase workflows and TrueSign for example). To learn more about the solutions available to you, please visit Read more about individual solutions, and see how all the departments can work together towards digital transformation.

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