Virtual Velocity 2021 kicked off on August 4th. Using the Filo event platform, all attendees are able to join interactive rooms to learn from experts and network with other business owners. There is a new session each Wednesday in August starting at 2pm EDT. For those not able to join us, we wanted to provide a brief summary of what each of our guest presenters had to say. Week 1’s topic was OnBase by Hyland, and we were joined by Colleen Alber, Product Evangelist.  

Many businesses are far too focused on earning a profit without stopping to consider their customers as anything more than a number. Without clients, no company would ever succeed. Business owners owe it to customers to develop valuable and meaningful connections that extend well beyond the fine print of a service contract. Hyland Software, our virtual workflow partner, has reshaped its mission to prioritize improving connections both between themselves and their clients, and clients to end-users. Through innovative software and strategically designed services, Hyland is changing the way people look at business. We had the pleasure of hearing about this new mission from veteran Product Evangelist, Colleen Alber.  

How has Hyland altered its services to focus on creating meaningful connections? They have shifted their focus to four pillars: Complete View of Content, Intelligent Automation, Agile Adaptivity, and Expertly Tailored Solutions. The new mission is made possible thanks to the ever-expanding family of content services. New solutions have been developed to streamline business processes to allow companies more time to focus on connecting with their clients in a more substantial way. The newest “tag line” of sorts for Hyland Software is “Enabling organizations to digitally transform in order to create more meaningful connections with the people they serve.”  

Complete View of Content 

Transparency is key when it comes to developing meaningful connections with others. You wouldn’t develop a friendship with someone who never opens up to you, so why would you with a secretive company? Gone are the days of businesses locking away “confidential company secrets” to make way for the modern view that companies must be transparent with their clients. Customers want access to data now more than ever, so Hyland Software is leading the digital transformation necessary to support accessibility. 80% of organizations now view cloud-based content management as the preferred solution for digital transformation. Hyland offers partial or complete cloud hosting to help its clients meet the changing expectations of accessible data. There are still options available to secure truly confidential data, but things like documents, expense reports, invoices, and other public records will be stored in a centralized, secure, yet easily accessible database.  

Intelligent Automation 

Colleen Alber shared some more Hyland Software wisdom to describe their commitment to intelligent automation; “We intelligently automate the workplace with tools that help organizations reduce costs, improve speed, and deliver better experiences to the people they serve.” When businesses and their employees do not spend hours completing tedious, repetitive tasks, they have more time to develop their relationships with customers. In addition, automating certain jobs ensure timely and accurate distribution of notices, documents, files, emails, and other informative collateral. As with any relationship, an open flow for communication is key. So, not only does automation free up valuable time to allow for more conversation, but it also aids in communicating important messages exactly when your client needs and deserves it. 

Agile Adaptivity 

Industries are changing and adapting at a rapid rate. Not a day goes by without changes taking place within a business somewhere in the world. Certain industries are more prone to changes than other due to the nature of the beast. For example, if you work in the justice system, you can expect new laws and regulations to pop up often. New rules can be applied to your methods of communication or certifications. In 2020, the earth-shattering change was, of course, the rapid need to adapt to remote work during the pandemic. As Colleen said. “We empower organizations with greater freedom and flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs and customer demands at the speed of business.” The Hyland solutions are customizable and agile to quickly transform to meet developing needs. Customers want to be heard; by listening to their needs and responding as quickly as possible, you instill trust in your business, strengthening the connection you have with each client.  

     It’s worth noting that some industries are slower to adapt than others. For example, our government clients tend to be a bit cautious about change. After all, most government processes have been “done this way forever.” However, solutions that once solved your problems could be causing them now. A highly organized file system stored in cabinets and drawers might have helped you streamline processes back in the day, but now you have exponentially more data to store. It’s key to adapt as needed, particularly to digital transformations that customers have come to expect and competitors are working to leverage. In the words of Muhammad Ali, “The man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” We get nowhere by staying where we are comfortable. We do not break ground by sticking to what we know. If you want to open channels of communication and connection, you need to present your business as a thought leader who is on top of industry trends and needs before they even happen. You’ll become a valuable partner to the consumer, and your relationship will be stronger.  

Expertly Tailored Solutions 

Lastly, Colleen Alber discussed the expertly tailored solutions of Hyland Software. They’re pushing the boundaries of technology. Hyland is positioning itself as an up-and-coming one-stop shop. You can enlist their help for one or two solutions, develop new needs, and speak to your account manager, and grow your Hyland account. Product developers work with customers to determine exactly what they need. Colleen presented the example of John Carroll University who has been using OnBase for years. Within the first 10 months of working with the university, Hyland configured eight separate solutions. Over the past year, higher education faced challenges due to the pandemic. In response, Hyland was able to build off of the existing solutions to include automated emails offering pass/fail classes, notifications about real-time updates, and more. Hyland does not offer cookie-cutter services because you don’t offer them to your clients. They are committed to providing state-of-the-art technology solutions and virtual workflows that are tailored to meet your exact needs and goals. This commitment to customer service sets them apart from others in the industry. Nothing builds trust and relationship quite as much as treating each and every client like an irreplaceable asset whom you will go to great lengths to impress.

OnBase Updates 

During her session, Colleen Alber also highlighted some up-and-coming features to OnBase. The newest version offers far more capabilities than before, each developed as a solution to a problem that customers have made Hyland aware of. We don’t want to give too much away so that new features are welcomed surprises, but we will give you a few hints. Based on what Colleen had to share with us, we are certain that OnBase will be in even higher demand. New integrations are on the way with some of the top business applications. Companies will be able to seamlessly automate aspects of their daily workflow without having to learn a new platform or software. Other updates on the horizon include additional services aimed at improving communication and connections. Tools will be more flexible and accessible, allowing more businesses to take advantage of them. Customization options will allow you to hit exact goals, and adaptable solutions will let you make changes quickly. As usual, Hyland is leading the way through digital transformation. We have already started to brainstorm ways to best utilize the upcoming features, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store.  

Ready to see the new and improved OnBase for yourself? ImageSoft is a top seller of the OnBase solution, and we work very closely with Hyland. In addition to the integrations available to OnBase customers, we offer integrations with our proprietary technology including TrueSign e-signatures, TrueCertify digital document certification, Digital Evidence Management, Online Dispute Resolution, and so much more. Learn more about us at  

For additional questions or to schedule a demo, contact our team and we can help. Thank you to Colleen Alber for an incredibly informational session, and thank you to everyone who came out to the first week of Virtual Velocity! 

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