Has anyone ever paid for your coffee? 

You know what I mean – the “feel good” stories that local radio stations love to cover. You’re sitting in the drive through of your favorite coffee chain and, upon pulling up to the window, credit card in hand, the barista is happy to share that the car in front of you has already paid your bill. Overwhelmed by a stranger’s act of kindness, you still hand over your card and ask that it covers the order for the car behind you. That car pays for the car behind them and so on.  

Acts of kindness are contagious. And as many of us know, we don’t even need to experience them for ourselves – just witnessing an unsolicited, genuine helping hand is enough to inspire us to find little ways in which we can also contribute.  

The Good Work Experienced Across A City 

Paying for coffee, volunteering, helping a neighbor – when we think of paying forward a good deed, we think of ordinary things that might help one or just a few people. From there, we can only hope they keep the candle burning.  

But what if a good work could be an act of business? An investment in the quality of service provided.  

The city of Louisville, KY has gone beyond “business as usual” to elevate the efficiency of an entire population – lighting as many candles as possible. Hand-in-hand with ImageSoft, the Louisville Metro Government has gone live with the first phase of a city-wide digital transformation. Equipped with OnBase by Hyland, Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District (APCD) has been furnished with a more robust, cloud-hosted enterprise document management system (EDMS). The first government entity to undergo an electronic transformation, Louisville Metro’s IT division will be using the APCD’s project to scale implementation for the rest of the government agency’s EDMS needs. As said by ImageSoft CEO Dave Hawkins, “the fact that the city can continually customize the solution according to its changing needs makes this a smart investment that can pay dividends for decades.”  

You can read more details, including a statement from the APCD’s director, in our media room.  

Digital Transformation Illuminates The Candle Effect 

Taking government processes paperless may seem like a merely eco-friendly initiative, but its affects are transformational from a foundational level. Similar to a change in DNA, digitalization’s biggest influence is not seen in the operational process itself, but in its beneficiaries – the people.   

Equipped with the best tools for their job and inspired by a fresh sense of ease in their day, government workers can realize and engage their “superpowers” to make meaningful contributions instead of staying stuck in a cycle of repetitive processes. More efficient, purposeful staff uplift the constituents they interact with, who enjoy more positive experiences with government entities and return higher customer satisfaction ratings. And those ratings? They inspire other government agencies, as well as general organizations, to do their part in maximizing available resources to continue making greater contributions to the citizens and communities they serve.  

What Are Your Thoughts? 

By automating which “business as usual” process would lighten your load and, consequently, allow you to maximize the quality of service the highest quantity of constituents?  

Respond in the comments section below or on our Government Solutions showcase page. We read and respond – promise!  

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