If you’re in the market for an easier way to file documents in court, you’ve likely scoured the internet and are comparing your options to see which is the best fit for you. Perhaps we’re biased, but we’re pretty confident that you can stop looking now that you’ve found TrueFiling. TrueFiling is ImageSoft’s court eFiling solution, designed with input from court personnel who regularly handle paperwork. When we say it’s one of (if not the) best court e-File systems, we speak from the successes of our customers.

Of course, each organization will have different goals, needs, and expectations for a court eFiling system, so there are likely other solid options you’ve come across and seriously considered. When developing TrueFiling, we worked to make it user-friendly, accessible, and relevant for all personnel who may file. TrueFiling overcomes the following five challenges:

Filing court documents is extremely time-consuming.

If you’ve handled any type of paperwork in your life, then you know that it is monotonous, tedious, and time-consuming. Court eFiling is typically even worse. The documents Clerks, Admins, Attorneys, and other personnel deal with are sensitive and intended to be confidential. There are also many procedures and protocols that must be followed in order to keep the filing compliant with the courts. As you would imagine, following these rules can add even more time to an already complicated process.

TrueFiling is one of the best court e-file systems because it takes a lot of the leg work out of the job.

There’s no need to spend hours sorting through files, hours more filing them, and even longer storing them. With TrueFiling, everything is done digitally, keeping all files in a secure cloud-based environment with top-tier security. Staff can easily submit filings, view status reports, organize by case, and refer to archives as needed all from a single platform. Uploading new documents takes less than a minute, and there’s no prep for mail, travel, hand-off, or other physical paper pushing. Court eFiling allows Clerks and Admins to get much more done in the same amount of time with a fraction of the effort.

Different types of courts require different filing types and procedures.

The Justice System is a complex industry that encapsulates several court types. While these different courts ensure that each type of trial has the proper procedures in place to adequately distribute justice, they often have their own rules and processes when it comes to filing. Because of these discrepancies, very few court eFiling systems take on the challenge of managing more than one case type. TrueFiling however, can be used across courts and case types to cater to lower courts, federal courts, appellate courts, criminal cases, civil cases, appeals, and more.

It’s not uncommon to have agencies that offer services for various courts and case types, so it didn’t make much sense to ask them to implement several filing systems to get the job done. When developing TrueFiling, we made sure to include as many use cases as possible. The best court e-file system should be convenient, and we believed that meant creating it as a true one-stop shop. TrueFiling should have everything all personnel needs to get the job done quickly, securely, and reliably.

Offices are on a remote or hybrid schedule.

Over the past several years, entire industries have adopted more flexible work environments. For many, this means hybrid or fully remote work. While great for the employee, it’s proven to be a bit of a challenge for clients and customers. After following the same processes for years, many are being forced to learn new ways of doing things – ways that are compatible with remote or digital work. The Justice System is no exception with many courts realizing the ease and convenience of hybrid environments and choosing to keep them around. For filers, this can be a real headache because filing is dependent upon the court receiving the documents. If offices are closed or employees are not in-office, sending filings by mail or hand-delivering them might not be a viable option anymore. Clerks and Admins need a digital alternative that allows them to integrate with the new processes.

TrueFiling makes court eFiling a completely digital process for use in the remote workforce. Not only can it be used to submit filings to remote or hybrid offices, but it can also be used to send filing remotely. Filers can log in from anywhere and get filing done at their convenience. When we set out to create the best court e-file system, we wanted to prioritize accessibility in any environment. TrueFiling can be used in the office, but it can also travel with you for any time, anywhere filing.

“When I submit filings via the mail, it’s impossible to know that they’re secure.”

Court documents generally contain sensitive or confidential information that should not be viewed by anyone but the intended recipient. When Clerks hand-deliver the documents, they know exactly where they are at all times and can guarantee security. Snail mail, however, is less secure. Yes, documents are in envelopes, but mail is stolen, lost, or damaged somewhat frequently. Once the envelope is out of the filer’s hands, they have little to no control over it. Traditional mail involves many changing of hands, increasing the risk for a file to get lost or misplaced. Court eFiling is often time-sensitive while simultaneously relying on the recipient to move to the next step in the process. Traditional mail can greatly impact the timeline, and there’s no real way of knowing if the documents were kept secure throughout the journey.

TrueFiling eliminates snail mail entirely, opting instead to use secure digital delivery. Backed by government-level security, TrueFiling is the best court e-file system for protecting all correspondence. Filers can feel confident that their documents have not been tampered with, and automatic tracking logs keep everyone accountable for any edits, changes, or updates. Statuses are updated as the process progresses for a complete view of where things stand.

Only Clerks have access to filing.

Lastly, many offices complain that filing is only truly accessible to Clerks. In reality, a wide range of personnel need the ability to file, including Admins, Managers, Attorneys, and even pro-se litigants. Clerks have enough on their plate without playing the middlemen to those who need to file but don’t have the access to do so. Court eFiling can truly be a beast, especially if one department or team is expected to do it all themselves. Clerks are historically the most likely to work on filing, but as the court system changes, others need access to the tools required to do their new tasks self-sufficiently.

TrueFiling can be used by any job role that needs it. We are one of very few systems that allow even self-represented litigants to use the platform, and it’s something that helps set us apart from other options. When you work with TrueFiling, you get 100% access for anyone who needs it. Filing tasks can be more evenly distributed around the office to free up Clerk time and put power in the hands of other employees. Of course, users must be authorized by the organization, and only those with permissions can access the platform. Files are completely accessible for those who need it, and are kept securely locked away from those that don’t. Judges can also get involved if needed to accept filing requests, review documents, call up archives, etc. It’s a 360-degree view for all relevant Justice System personnel, enabling them to get things done efficiently without enlisting third-party assistance.

These are just five of many reasons why we believe that TrueFiling is the best court e-file system on the market today. The five challenges we’ve discussed are some of the most talked-about in the industry because they create widespread problems. TrueFiling is designed to overcome challenges with a simple interface that does not require months of training. It’s straightforward, convenient, and extremely reliable. If you’d like to learn more about TrueFiling, please visit https://imagesoftinc.com/courts/truefiling/.

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