A Message from Vince Hanson, Director of Business Development

Vince Hanson of ImageSoft



Vince Hanson, Director of Business Development

Data conversions are monumental tasks when moving from a legacy imaging system to a full-featured enterprise content management solution. Gabe Russo, ImageSoft Solution Architect, tells us “Data conversion projects are time consuming, risk-heavy, and essential. It is crucial that the outcome of processing is verified for each document.”

Because it involves so much data and is so critical to complete document management, data conversion requires conversations, collaboration and completeness.  Gabe describes the considerations to keep in mind when starting a conversion project: understand the source of truth, determine which content to convert, understand which content is excluded or in error, and most of all, verify, verify, verify.

Read more of Gabe’s suggestions in this month’s featured blog below.

Industry News

Insurance CIO Outlook just published a short but telling article, Insuretechs Bring Sweeping Changes to the Insurance Industry. We’ve been saying the same thing. The “technologically proficient insuretechs” are giving customers the kinds of services they are coming to expect. While some conventional insurance firms are adapting to modern technology, it’s happening slowly, giving the insuretechs a competitive edge.

How are you meeting your customers’ expectations?

Featured Blog

Data Conversions: The Do’s and Don’ts

Just as go-live is about to start, customers might ask, did the conversion finish? Was any content missed? With millions of documents to convert, how could I be sure? When and how will I know if anything is wrong?

As you prepare for a data conversion, read Gabe Russo’s blog about pitfalls to avoid and considerations to keep in mind.

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Creating Efficient Customer Correspondence Management and Content Services

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