Cultivating Digital Solutions

Spring has officially arrived, and the longer days are already helping us clear out the winter blues. April is typically when most people start planting gardens for the spring and summer because the weather is ideal for cultivating seedlings of all our favorite flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables. As we begin the month, we encourage you to take a look at your professional garden – is it ready to produce great things this year? This is the time to plant the seeds in your organization which will grow and bloom into successful initiatives, innovative solutions, and improved processes.

    • Do you have a solid foundation with soil prepared to support what you hope to grow? Are the backend systems in place needed to adopt new digital solutions?
    • Do you have an idea of what you want to plant? You can’t go throwing every type of seed out hoping one will take – you need to have an end goal in mind and select your seeds accordingly.
    • How will you care for your garden? Do you have all the right tools and resources in place to help your growing solution thrive? Success isn’t achieved in a day, so make sure you’re committed to the long-term growth of your product and your company.
    • What will you do with everything you create? How can you utilize your harvest to better your organization and/or the lives of your customers? Digital solutions are great, but they are most helpful when implemented to solve a problem or improve existing processes – don’t cultivate something beautiful only to let it die out later!

If you need assistance prepping and planting your garden going into the rest of Spring and Summer, reach out to the ImageSoft team. We help businesses grow in meaningful ways in any environment.

ImageSoft News & Announcements

Featured product: TrueFiling

The TrueFiling System is made up of two distinctive “parts.” The first part, TrueFiling, is designed to aid filers in submitting all Court documents electronically from just about anywhere. Filing fees can be paid immediately within the platform, helping filers cross off tasks in one fell swoop. The second part of the system, TrueFiling Review, is our newest release and is targeted at Courts. Once a document has been filed, Courts can enter TrueFiling Review to process them, track fee payments, and generate fee financial reports in real-time. By using both parts of the system together, the entire process is streamlined and kept secure within a single environment. 

Save the Date

4/24 to 4/25

Executive in Workers Comp and Risk Conference – Anaheim, CA

5/31 and 6/1

Velocity (ImageSoft’s Annual Customer Event) – Novi, MI

Industry News

equivant and Resolve Disputes Online (RDO) Announce Partnership

Resolve Disputes Online (RDO) had a big announcement in late March – an exclusive partnership with equivant, a leader in JusticeTech solutions! As the North American partner with RDO, ImageSoft could not be more thrilled with the new collaboration. Though they previously had another Online Dispute Resolution platform, equivant has determined RDO is the best on the market and will be offering ODR services only through the RDO platform. We look forward to seeing where this partnership goes.

10 Ways State and Local Government Should Invest in Tech 

The GovTech industry is booming and agencies at all levels of Government must act quickly to keep up. Check out this article on 10 ways agencies can invest in technology now to set them up for a better tomorrow. Whether at the State or Local level, Government agencies must begin replacing their legacy systems with digital alternatives, bringing the agency into the modern world. 

Technology Innovation in the Insurance Sector

The Insurance industry has been steadily adopting digital solutions over the past several years. Larger companies are well on their way to an entirely digital process, but some of the smaller firms are questioning how to get started. This article gives you some ideas on how tech can be integrated into your existing systems to streamline processes and improve productivity. 

Why ImageSoft?

ImageSoft is proud to offer top-quality services with unmatched security. We work closely with professionals in many industries including the Justice System, Government, Insurance, and more. Trust ImageSoft to help identify your pain points and develop digital solutions to overcome each and every one of them. Our team is dedicated to helping organizations reach and surpass their goals through workflow creation and automation, digital transformation, Cloud hosting and migration, and content management. Ready to get started?

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