We’ve come to the end of our 7-part series for insurers about ECM  

In this blog series, we’re looking at how enterprise content management brings modern technology to the insurance industry to streamline:  

Part 7: Optimizing Mobile Access: A Whole New World 

When insurers extend their enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to mobile devices, a whole new world opens  — giving employees more options while improving customer service. Optimizing mobile access means employees can stay connected to documents and information, keep processes moving with quick response times, and access transactions and stay current. With mobile access to transactions and documents, everyone is looped in, driving efficiency and continuity.  

Insurance decision makers are often on the road or out of the office. To keep processes moving, they need access to real-time information – wherever they are. And it’s not just emails or the Internet. They need to interact with all  their work processes. Whether working from home, at a conference, or offsite, they require the same sort of access they have at their office.  

Modern ECM solutions optimize mobile access, giving employees multiple ways to make decisions and act on claims beyond their office desks. Here’s how mobile ECM solutions keep processes moving from wherever employees are located:  

  • Shorten  document lifecycles – Move documents along in the process with approvals and reviews by accessing them from any mobile device. Remove the lag in time and customers win with a quick and efficient process.  
  • Increase productivityBecause employees can search, receive and act on documents wherever and whenever, key processes are in constant motion, productivity climbs and, again, customers win.  
  • Reduce errorsThe ECM synchronizes work directly back with the corporate network, reducing errors because the solution removes manual steps.  

Three Ways Mobile Access Improves Productivity 

Extending your ECM solution to mobile devices delivers multiple benefits. Here are three that insurers can take advantage of to securely gather information in the field and make it immediately available.  

Image capture 

Taking photos of an incident, such as a death certificate, healthcare invoice or auto repair estimate, helps to build a file with necessary evidence to process the claim faster. Uploading photos to the ECM solution saves time and makes them available as needed .  

Document capture 

Mobile devices become scanners in the field, capturing images of completed documents to send  to the ECM, which can flatten, clean up, and correct images of documents, especially if you need automated data extraction performed on the documents. 

Information capture 

Mobile devices optimize processes by leveraging electronic forms that capture information, including signatures, and submit it for immediate action.  

What to Look for in ECM Solutions with Mobile Access 

In this whole new world of ECM solutions with mobile access, look for these features:  

  • Applications built specifically for each individual device so users have an optimal experience – no matter which device they use 
  • Seamless integration with mission-critical workflow processes, giving users direct access to their processes 
  • Easy-to-use search capabilities to access documents from anywhere so staff can quickly and easily find what they need to keep processes moving forward 
  • User friendly and intuitive applications that let users immediately see the information they need to act upon it quickly, so processes keep moving  

Gaining efficiency through mobile access delivered by your ECM solutions opens  a whole new world in the digital transformation journey. ImageSoft guides insurers through the selection of technology solutions that deliver efficiencies and cost savings. Our industry-leading solutions for insurance offer automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs, security, and proper compliance.  

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