Authored by Kevin Ledgister, Marketing Manager, ImageSoft 

CommunityLIVE 2019, Hyland’s annual user conference, is in the books. My three days there accumulated about 30 miles of walking, including going outdoors in perfect weather to attend keynote sessions in the historic Cleveland Auditorium. No wonder my legs hurt so much after the conference. But I digress. 

This year’s conference was a game changer because of the focus on content services, not just content management. Content services breaks up large blocks of functionality into smaller, reusable bites so you can build applications and workflows to improve your business operations with a tiny, or even zero, footprint on virtually any modern device. Imagine capturing a document with a smartphone, sending it through an automated classification and OCR process, and then routing to the correct processor with no human touches in between. Or being able to collaborate on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in real time within an application browser window without any other software installed. The combination of services, devices and ideas is almost limitless. And since these services reside in a cloud, internal IT departments can focus more on application development and process improvement rather than administration and management. 

This is critical as the current buzz phrase “digital transformation” takes on new meaning and brings us to the event horizon of Automated Intelligence (AI). There are a lot of questions around what AI can do – some people fear it, and some push for it. In the near term, tools that provide AI functionality, such as software learning how to classify a document or replicating predictable keystrokes, will serve to improve productivity as people become intelligent workers where they make higher-order decisions.  

For admins, CommunityLIVE was a dream. New tools to manage versions of electronic forms, easier tools to move configuration updates between environments, and enhanced features for data governance will make maintaining and deploying OnBase even easier for IT and provide the sleep-well-at-night comfort for compliance officers.  

But it wasn’t all work – there was time for fun and games too. ImageSoft rented Forest City Shuffleboard for an exclusive customer event and we had a blast just relaxing, networking, and indulging in some delicious foods, including dessert waffles. We also enjoyed a private concert by Third Eye Blind at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and cheered at a Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game.  

But best of all was hearing from our customers after the event and how we made them feel special by creating a close-knit community within a very large conference. This is important to us because at ImageSoft, we believe in making people’s lives better by doing what we do, and that first starts with making a human connection. We can’t force people to connect, but we can create environments that foster those connections which will help us all in our professional endeavors.  

 And that’s what CommunityLIVE is all about. Now if I get back to walking almost 5 miles a day… 

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