In the words of the late great film mogul, Samuel Goldwin, “The more I work, the luckier I get.” March is typically a month filled with wishes of good luck, lucky charms, and the “luck of the Irish.” What many people fail to recognize is that we are often in control of our “luck” far more than we think we are. Do lucky and unlucky things happen to no fault of our own? Of course! But, as business professionals, we cannot sit around relying on luck to help us become successful. In most cases, if you want success, you need to work for it. It takes time, patience, practice, and dedication to learn the ropes and master job roles. Hard work is the best way to advance professionally because it shows that you care about your job and want to do it well.

It’s important to remember that while working hard will bring success, working too hard is not always the best. Luckily, technology has made it possible for products and solutions to handle some of the most tedious tasks for you so that you aren’t overworking. These digital options allow you to work hard without feeling burnt out. No amount of good luck will magically make your job easier, but hardworking technology can. ImageSoft has worked to develop solutions that will make your business or organization more successful than luck alone ever could. For the Justice System, digital solutions are bringing organizations to new heights. 

  1. Electronic/Digital Signatures:
    ImageSoft’s own TrueSign has been a hit with the courts. You’d be lucky to have a solution like this in place because it is guaranteed to make remote signing easier than ever. TrueSign works hard to offer internal and external signing options using email, text, and QR codes. Court documents can be signed on nearly any device in just seconds. Traditionally, you’d have to hop in a car and drive through town (probably getting hit with bad luck and catching every red light on the way) to collect a wet signature. With TrueSign, you can work hard on more pressing tasks and collect digital, authenticated signatures in real-time without breaking your daily stride.
  2. Digital Evidence Management: There’s another saying about working that we all know and love – “Work smarter, not harder.” When things get too complicated, the best option is to find ways to simplify the process. Remember, we want to work hard, not burn ourselves out. Digital Evidence Management allows Justice System personnel to ditch the stacks of binders, mountains of evidence boxes, and lockers overflowing with exhibits. ImageSoft’s product, Vault, allows you to compile all evidence into a single, centralized, cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Luck might be on your side when it comes to finding evidence at a crime scene, but don’t rely on it to carry you through a trial. Vault protects all files with top-notch encryption to ensure that all exhibits make it safely and legally through the process. As a bonus, you don’t need to be “lucky” and find a court that has a stash of old playback devices because Vault uses nothing more than a laptop or computer!

  3. Electronic Filing: One of the most tedious jobs in the Justice System might be filing. Most clerks and admins know the struggle of walking into work to see a tower of papers taking over your desk. Administrative work absolutely requires hard work, and there has yet to be a tale of a clerk who was lucky and never had to push papers again. As demand for filing increases, so too does the chance of being overworked. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that will increase productivity and keep workers focused on the big stuff. TrueFiling from ImageSoft was designed specifically with Justice personnel in mind. With many unique features, clerks are spending less hours inputting data, and more time working on tasks that will help them and the court be successful. By taking away some of the paperwork, clerks and admins can spend more time on reaching goals. Unless you happen to have a leprechaun filing for you, TrueFiling is the way to go.

See? Working hard doesn’t have to be hard. Thanks to solutions like these, Justice System workers can make the most out of each and every day. By putting your best foot forward, you set yourself up for success. Having good luck is great, but having control of your destiny is much more reliable. We firmly believe that good things come to those who earn it. There are countless solutions available for courts to assist in reaching their goals. Check out to learn more.

We hope you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, and we wish you luck in all of your endeavors

The History of the Courts

It can occasionally feel as though change is happening too slowly. However, it’s important to look back in history to see the drastic differences between where we came from, and where we are now. Thanks to centuries of hard work and adaptability, the Supreme Court (and other US courts) have made tremendous strides towards delivering fair and efficient justice.

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Why Digital Evidence Management is a Hot-Button Topic

You may ask yourself why DEM is suddenly so popular after a slow but steady increase over the last few years. As with millions of other things, we can thank (blame?) the pandemic. In-person court appearances were out of the question at the start of this whole ordeal, but justice can’t be put on hold. As such, the Justice System had to react quickly, adopting and implementing solutions designed to host valuable information online for remote access. Even though courts have returned to in-person cases, many still offer hybrid trials.

Besides, the benefits of DEM systems like Vault go farther than remote convenience.

Online Dispute Resolution is the Future of Mediation: A Conversation with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Listen in to the ImageSoft team’s in-depth conversation with acclaimed online mediator, Susan Guthrie, Esq. Guthrie has worked in family law for many years, and has recently found a passion for helping other mediators move to the online platform. She is also well-known for her innovative and cutting edge Learn to Mediate podcast.

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America Needs Civil Justice Reform, Unleashing Technology is the First Step

Over the past several years, technology has become a crucial factor in criminal court. Many within the Justice System are urging court officials to place the same digital focus on civil cases. Civil cases are statistically much more prone to self-representation, and introducing technology could be the best step towards equality and accessibility in court. Hundreds of thousands of civil cases occur each year, and many are calling for a transformation into the modern, digital world.  

What Can We Do For You?

ImageSoft guides courts through the various challenges of becoming a paperless court. Our industry-leading solutions offer a component model methodology to automated workflows, improved speed and efficiency, reduced costs and proper compliance. 

ImageSoft is ready to help your court system reap the benefits from digital transformation. 

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