Leaving “Business As Usual” to the Bots, So your team can be unusually extraordinary about business!

Robotic Process Automation

Your team is important. They are real people with really great ideas and communication. But when much of their day is reduced to clicks and keystrokes, the opportunity to uplift your mission onto higher ground becomes marginal.

To keep pace with your developing market and expanding customer base, you add more staff, interfaces and systems. In doing so, however, customer service and innovation suffers at the hands of “business as usual” – a complex, time-consuming cycle of manually-processed data and information requests.

Thankfully, there are workers available to transform these monotonous, organizational processes. Their resumes tout quick pattern recognition (fast learners), natural language skills, complex problem-solving and a mission to save you time and money.

Who are these candidates? Digital workers, more commonly referenced by their framework – Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The Resume for RPA


From who made which edit to where each document is stored, complete audit trails detail every document’s journey. Serving as receipts of compliance efforts, safeguards of transparency and upholders data governance, real-time audit trails, coupled with an individual credential approach, ensure your customers, staff and organization stay protected.


Aspiring organizations are always rising to meet the new ways of the world and, as a result, growing by immeasurable means. Whether you’re meeting the demand for more customer and staff mobility, scaling up or adapting to a “new normal,” RPA’s on-demand scalability shifts to meet your current task-to-digital worker volume.

Friendly to Users and IT

A desktop application that memorizes and replicates keystrokes, clicks and other processing means, this RPA solution is truly code free. An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface builds the entire process automation, which can then be recycled across various departments. Equipped with Intelligent Automation Skills, such as the abilities to scan and optimally leverage data sets, read and comprehend digital information, evolve processing patterns and more, RPA empowers faster, more streamlined communication and collaboration while elevating your business outcomes.

End-to-end Success

Coupling your RPA solution with a digital workflow and other electronic capabilities, including forms, contract or vendor management, TrueSign, digitalized HR or AP processing and more, equips your organization with end-to-end support for day-to-day operations while doubling as a safety net for unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, pandemics or individual cases where staff may need to work from home.

RPA Done “The ImageSoft Way”

We, too, believe in leaving automation to the robots and supporting real people with real people. Inspired by customer achievements and success, our professional services (casually referred to as “PS”) team partners with you to ensure a seamless, positive implementation experience.

“The ImageSoft Way” is our six-phase, partner-based approach to implementation that blueprints an individual strategy serving your organization’s unique needs and timeline. Learn what you can expect from us and a simple breakdown of the six phases on our Professional Services webpage.

And don’t worry – whether your existing OnBase solution is Cloud or Premise-based, SaaS or a hybrid, we’ll work with you to match it.

Helping You Become Everything But Robotic

Whether you’re serving constituents or justice, insuring someone’s family or otherwise assuring a greater need is met, the success of your public can only be upheld by your own achievements. So if you want to talk RPA, AI, business processes or any form of digital transformation, please reach out.

As the most charismatic team to ever champion software development, we’re real people, with personalities far from robotic, excited to partner with you. Contact us via webchat or by a quick message.


Don’t gloat to mom, but there are behind-the-scene workers who do our grudge-work for us. They don’t clean dishes, but RPA bots are known to scrub the grimy parts of our jobs right off our plates. Meet the little bots making a big difference in this informative, punchy blog.