Manage Disputes in Today’s Virtual World

Small claims, landlord-tenant or insurance disputes – regardless of case type, physically “going to court” is inaccessible, unsuccessful and outdated.

Improve default rates and drop case turnaround times by bringing dispute resolution to your fingertips – literally. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provides you with a secure, Cloud-hosted platform for peacefully resolving cases around everyone’s schedule, including: secure video conferencing, encrypted messaging and document exchange, a settlement builder, an AI mediation option for monetary disputes and much more.

Real-Time eSigning Collaboration for Today’s Remote Work

Take your electronic signatures “beyond the dotted line” with TrueSign: the 24×7 electronic signature platform that turns your smartphone into a signature pad for real-time, video conference signing, partners with Brother USA for Scan-to-Sign, saves frequently used signing templates, and more.

With a free trial and straight-forward pricing model, TrueSign pens security, productivity and extra budget back into your operations – especiallywork from home!

Evidence management is messy

The justice system and insurance agencies are equally challenged to manage accumulating evidence types with limited storage space, insufficient evidence sharing and legacy proprietary players – the evidence is clear that this process is not compliant, efficient or, in general, working.

Centralize and streamline all digital evidence with DEM, or digital evidence management. Securely bound by compliant multi-factor authentication, DEM supports and normalizes all video types and sizes for immediate, streaming playback and secure, third-party sharing, such as with, courts, prosecutors, governments, etc.

Cloud-First Business Strategies

The BP Oil Spill. Hurricane Katrina. The COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Disasters transpire instantly and, often, without warning – demanding equally rapid responses. With documents and commercial operations hosted in the Cloud, business agility, high-standard security protocols, mobile access and other elements of disaster recovery are built directly into your day-to-day processes.

Cloud-hosted, on-premise and hybrid approaches to the best plan for your needs and your budget. 

The Paperless Process People

How Can We Help You Simplify?


Revolutionizing your shared services by providing employees complete views of critical information.


Serving the public better by moving data, not paper throughout your court.


Responding to constituents faster by evolving your services to become more efficient and transparent.


Increasing the power of your systems by linking them to electronic workflows.

What Does It Mean To “Be in the Efficiency Business”?

We thought you’d never ask!

It means we help essential organizations, such as the justice community, government departments, insurance agencies, and more, maximize their purposes. It’s achieved with centralized data hubs, streamlined workflows, transparent audit trails, robotic process automation (RPA), dashboard visibility, GIS and ESRI mapping, digital evidence management, forms management and more.

Even more important, it looks like clerks not only staying on top of their workload, but having more time to lend a hand in higher-value projects. It looks like the Judge securely signing and submitting orders from the airport, or a lineless DMV. It’s the insurance agent having instantaneous access to policyholder information, and the Department of Insurance fitted with a scalable solution for investigative case management, licensing, on-site audits and more. It sounds like a Michigan prosecutor who told us, “OnBase worked well for us during the COVID-19 crisis. Frankly, I don’t know how we would have gotten through without it.”

Ensuring your business achieves its business is what our business is about. And that’s what, to us, it means to “be in the efficiency business.”

quotesImageSoft has helped us take great strides towards providing fast, accurate service to our customers through improvements in workflow and technology. They are a partner we can count on.”

— Teresa Ruckle, Director, Life Policyholder Services Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan

quotesThe OnBase system has provided us with leading-edge technology, enabling efficient business practices and resulting in a superior customer experience.”

—Matthew Turack, Vice President, The Canadian Automobile Association

quotesIn addition to patient accounts, other departments in the hospital have also adapted the OnBase system, making more information available to employees to quickly process claims. We don’t know what we would do without OnBase and ImageSoft!”

— Traci Pasquale, Supervisor, Support Services, Patient Financial Services Center


Many ImageSoft solutions are built using OnBase by Hyland. We’re your go-to OnBase integrator. We’ve earned Hyland Software Platinum Partner status annually for 14 years and Hyland Diamond status for exceptional customer service for 16 years.

We’ve come a long way from document imaging when we started in 1996. The beauty of evolving and growing with technology is the knowledge of seeing what works best with each customer. We like a challenge and we’ll take the stress of being buried in paperwork off your hands. We’ll integrate with your current system, automate your processes seamlessly and you’ll never look back.


Brother International & TrueSign Form A Strategic Partnership to Provide Secure Electronic Signatures for Today’s Remote Business Needs

Brother International Corporation has partnered with TrueSign to release exclusive scan-to-sign functionality with their printers, fax machines, and mobile solutions. Guided by both companies’ shared vision for customer success in today’s increasingly remote work environment, this new strategic partnership will meet businesses’ needs for secure, economical, and virtual business workflows.

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